When you need to get out and immerse yourself with kinksters in your area, you probably look for your neighbourhood bar, dungeon, or munch. But when you need to find all things kinky from outside your immediate circle, fetish fairs, festivals, and markets can put you in touch with lots of new play things (and people). We’ve given you the leg up and compiled a list (in alphabetical order) of the best fetish markets, fairs and festivals to make your search easy peasy. Enjoy!



BoundCon - Wrapped Up in Kinky Fun

BoundCon is a fetish fair in Germany that is billed as the biggest fetish and BDSM convention in Europe. The organisers have had so much success in recent editions of BoundCon that they’re having a hard time topping each one. With over 5000 square meters packed full of fetish workshops, hundreds of exhibitors and vendors, and even the newly implemented “Bondage Wrestling”, BoundCon is growing into a bucket-list opportunity for every kinkster in Europe.


Be sure to check out their huge “Sub Rosa Dictum” after party and set up your in their custom photography stages. At BoundCon you get to feel like a fetish insider and be the rock star that you always knew you were.

fetishlocationicon.png BDSM Bayern, Germany - Fetish Fairs, Kinky Markets and BDSM Dating


Brighton Twisted Market - Christmas Comes Early for Kinksters

This fetish market in Brighton, UK is a regularly occurring kink event that blasts off once every other month for your kinky pleasure. The Brighton Twisted Market is held in an easy to find location and finding your new favourite toy, kink, or fetish outfit is even easier.

With loads of alternative and kinky traders and vendors excited to show you their recent fashion trends and BDSM products, you’ll find yourself in a naughty adult wonderland of commerce that you might have a hard time tearing yourself away from. But of course, the afterparty is available for you to put your newly bought and paid for products to good use. If you’re ready to see what a fetish Christmas Day is like, The Brighton Twisted Market is the place to visit.

fetishlocationicon.png BDSM East Sussex, UK - Fetish Fairs, Kinky Markets and BDSM Dating



Fetish Evolution Weekend - A Colourful Collection of Kink

As one of the highlights of the international fetish scene, the Fetish Evolution Weekend has been dishing out the goods every Spring in Germany for years. The entire weekend is full of incredible fetish events including a designer and product market, art expositions, and trade fairs.


Explore the Fetish Evolution Weekend with your eyes wide open because you won’t want to overlook the massive variety of exclusive products and the brilliantly colourful atmosphere that the organisers have put together. Oh, and if you maybe find a new, freaky friend alongside your new fetish gear or toys, well, you can visit the “chill out lounge” together or even have a room reserved in the neighbouring Hotel Bredeney in Essen. Talk about a weekend getaway!

fetishlocationicon.png BDSM Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany - Fetish Fairs, Kinky Markets and BDSM Dating


Folsom Berlin - Feel Good Vibes for Fetishists

In its first year in 2004, the Folsom Europe festival began the mission to bring the fetish scene to the forefront of German culture by creating amazingly inclusive and inviting events for all fetishists and kinksters. This colossal fetish fair in includes a giant street fair and loads of parties that bring together the gay and kink scenes in a variety of unique venues.

Imagine tens of thousands of hot men in leather and fetish gear dancing and vibing next to gorgeous drag queens and erotic performers all the while mingling with partygoers from all over the world there to enjoy the clubs, retailers, and food courts. Folsom Europe in Berlin is the kind of fetish fair that gets you in all the good feels that will carry you through the year until the next. Top up your kinky tank for a nice, long freaky adventure and enjoy the ride!

fetishlocationicon.png BDSM Berlin, Germany - Fetish Fairs, Kinky Markets and BDSM Dating


German Fetish Fair - Europe's Largest Fetish Weekend

The German Fetish Fair is one of the largest fetish weekends in the world and has been creating kinky connections through their expo and networking events for a long time. This fetish fair and market showcases some of the highest quality and newest BDSM toys and fetish gear and has been doing so for over a decade. You’ll be able to find your next kinky accessory, sexy lingerie, or fetish outfit without any worries as the organisers have brought all of the very best products and designers in the world under one roof.

Manufacturers and creators flock to the German Fetish Fair for their chance to wow and impress kinksters with their latest and freshest designs before unloading them to the general public. So if you want the first taste of the latest in the fetish world, mark your calendar and don’t miss the German Fetish fair next summer.

fetishlocationicon.png BDSM Berlin, Germany - Fetish Fairs, Kinky Markets and BDSM Dating



London Comic Con - Get Your Geek On!

Now, you may be wondering how London Comic Con made it to a fetish fair and market list. Well, let us tell you that there is no better kinky fun than dressing up in flashy costumes, putting on wild makeup and wigs and partying with your closest friends from all over the UK. The MCM Comic Con in London is one of the largest pop-culture shows in the UK and organisers bring together a broad variety of events that explore movies, comics, gaming, anime, gadgets and yes, even toys!



The aim is to put on the best consumer show around and present to visitors a pop culture market like no other. Every cosplayer, nerd, geek, fanboy and fangirl should find their way to London Comic Con for the incredible costumes, the pageantry and much more.

fetishlocationicon.png BDSM Greater London, UK - Fetish Fairs, Kinky Markets and BDSM Dating


Prague Fetish Weekend - Newbies Welcome

The organisers of the Prague Fetish Weekend do a fantastic job of thinking about the newbies and the less experienced kinksters when developing the themes of their events. It is their idea that a fetish fair should be welcoming to even those who are just starting the exploration of the BDSM world.

Prague Fetish Weekend presents the very best Czech manufacturers and even some foreign dealers of BDSM fetish and latex fashion while including various kink presentations, workshops and shows. Of course, the newcomers will be able to party the night away with the genuinely debaucherous kinky veterans during the Fetish Night and afterparties. Entertainment, education and excitement? Yes, please!

fetishlocationicon.png BDSM Praha, Czech Republic - Fetish Fairs, Kinky Markets and BDSM Dating


Sexpo United Kingdom - Improve Your Sex IQ Instantly

The shopping at our next fetish fair and market is second to none, and the entertainment is out of this world! Sexpo United Kingdom is a huge event and the longest running Health, Sexuality and Adult Lifestyle expo in the UK. The Sexpo brand initially started in Australia and expanded to the UK in 2015 where it  has been providing visitors with valuable education and networking ever since.

The only problem for organisers is figuring out how to top the previous event in the first place. Well, this year we think their planning has done just that. The female and LGBTI friendly expo includes sex seminars, amusement rides and games, and an All Male Revue and Carnal Carnival. Sexpo United Kingdom is an adult playground built for kinksters to let it all hang out. Don’t be afraid to enjoy it to the fullest!

fetishlocationicon.png BDSM Greater London, UK - Fetish Fairs, Kinky Markets and BDSM Dating


Swamp in Bristol - Getting Dirty Never Felt So Good

Although the most recent edition of SWAMP in Bristol just passed in September, it’s never too soon to start planning and looking forward to the next one. Our last entry in the Best Fetish Fairs list is the UK’s premiere fetish market and party in Bristol. SWAMP in Bristol is part market, part party, part munch and part educational extravaganza. One of the more visited workshops is their “Playing With Rope” presentation where you can learn from experienced riggers and rope bunnies and even practice a bit on your own.


There are tons of play spaces and mingling areas where you can find and explore with your new fetish friends. It’s a completely open and inclusive event, but there is a rigorous dress code for much of the party. So get out your kinky gear and turn the night up!

fetishlocationicon.png BDSM Bristol, UK - Fetish Fairs, Kinky Markets and BDSM Dating


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