Fart fetish
Hello! I am new to this site and just wanted to put a kind of ad out there so I can find someone who shares the interests I share. I have a huge fart fetish and I’m looking for a dominant woman to fulfill this fantasy of mine Anyone is free to message me, have a great day!
Kinky Dating18 to 30 years ● 50km around UK, Aylesbury Vale one week ago
Deviant Fun
Looking to meet a like minded fun person to explore personal boundaries for mutual pleasure I'm fun, Stong, easy going, Relaxed straight guy, into a variety of kinks. I get a lot of satisfaction from pleasuring my partner although I love to be pleased too x
Kinky Dating18 to 81 years ● 50km around UK, Stroud one week ago
Young new kinkster
18 indian guy whos very slim I am new to exploring various kinks and would like someone to explore this side of me with. I am into a range of kinks like orgasm control, cuckolding, group sex, anal, etc. To be honest i would be willing to do pretty much anything so dont hesitate to ask I love a good talk and am here for each type of relationships. im down for casual, serious, long term, or short term partners as im open and fluid. If you want more than one partner i will be fully supportive and understand, they can join in with us. If a mistress was to message me or have interest in me i would show complete devotion so if i get a lucky chance to serve i will be ready to fully commit. I am open to being a switch as im still trying to find my exact place in this and as i said im very open to all kinks, submissive or dominant (I do lean towards sub though). Feel free to message to get to know me, i tend to reply to all Test from bdsmtest.org: 87% Experimentalist 84% Submissive 76% Switch 73% Slave 71% Degradee 66% Non-monogamist 64% Masochist 62% Dominant 50% Exhibitionist
Kinky Dating5km around UK, London one week ago
Looking for guidance and Relationship
hey My name is Al! i am 24 years old, 5ft tall hippy weirdo who lives and works in manchester and i've recently discovered BDSM and would like to find a dom to help me explore. It takes me a long time to trust others so just a bit of fun isn't really my thing! I haven't got a photo due to my line of work and wanting to be discreet sorry about that! LTR would be the end goal
Kinky Dating23 to 28 years ● 50km around UK, Manchester one week ago
Dive in
Looking for nsa sub who wants to try new things but who also can make suggestions. New to this so looking for inspiration. Have a few fantsies I'd like to try out, including covering in gold paint and vampire roleplay.
Kinky Dating18 to 34 years ● 100km around UK, London one week ago
exprriment and fun
Looking for a sub who's is wanting to try a few things new. I'm fairly new to the scene but enjoy the bdsm side of things and looking for someone to try out new kinks with for a one off, wether it be certain types of bondage or having control of the remotes for your toys in public. Open to switch. If it interest you drop me a message.
Kinky Dating19 to 45 years ● 100km around UK, Manchester one week ago
Dom needs natural sub
Hi I’m very dominant and discreet. Looking for a regular sub to train and own. Hot time guaranteed. Very open minded and sensitive to subs needs. Limits and rules will be discussed first. Online at first and if we hit it off meet for real.
Kinky Dating30 to 50 years ● 50km around Ireland, Cork one week ago
need to be spanked
Looking for a dom near me nsa to spank me and use me. I would love to be tied and taken. I do like to be toyed with just no feet! I am very submissive and in need of a good time. Message me if this sounds like something we could do soon
Kinky Dating27 to 60 years ● 5km around USA, Spring Hill one week ago
Online Sugar Baby Waiting For You
Hi, I’m a submissive in every sense of the word and I’m currently looking for a sugar daddy or mommy. I am looking for an online arrangement that benefits both of us. I’m keen to impress you and hope to do so.
Kinky Dating20 to 75 years UK, Sole Street one week ago
1-)Dom or switch Daddy & Active bisexual Mommy over 50 years old who are genuinely into family incest roleplay. Experienced prefered. 2-)Submissive bisexual daughter 3-)Sissy,Trans son 4-)Cuckold swinger couples
Kinky Dating18 to 80 years ● 100km around Netherlands, Arnhem one week ago
Latexxx Love chat ....
Hi there, would you like to talk all things Latex tonight ? I am a 45 year old male, guess your average Daddy, I have a number of kinks and fetishes that I would like to chat about and fulfill. I would like to chat to like minded people and see what their opinions and recommendations are . I short I will chat about anything really kinky.
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 100 years UK, Oxford one week ago
Looking for an english daddy (abdl )
I'm a french student , nearly 21 , into ageplay (around 3-4 years old ) looking for a daddy from London or near by to plan a weekend trip to London :) I have the fantasy to have an english daddy as loving as firm since about 2 months ago when i heard a conversation (in english )between a daddy and his daughter (about 4 years old) about one of the dolls i was selling at a sort of yard sale in Paris , i dont remember exactly how it went but the fact that he was just as loving /caring as firm put me into little Space instantly and i've been thinking about it over and over since . A little description about myself as a little : Juste call me Ali, 4 years old, a wise little girl who still needs a lot of affection and reassurance... I've always been a "little", I discovered the term about 3 years ago thanks to a youtube channel (binkie princess), and I became interested into the practice with all that it implies and the various nuances. What I'm looking for is that people dont see me as a young woman but as a 4-year-old girl Why do I say 4 years? Because I like the beginning of independence at this age: walking, talking, using your hands... But I still like/need some of the accessories of the little ones: body, diaper, pacifier... What I like: coloring, manual activities, animals, big hugs, walks, being pampered What I don't like: napping, being neglected/forgotten, sleeping alone There's certainly more to say but my post is already big enough i think and that's why people get to know each other , right ? ;p
Kinky DatingUK, London one week ago
Hi all how are you xxx hope you like wot you see it you like wot you see I love all types of things xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kinky Dating30 to 50 years ● 5km around UK, Birmingham one week ago
No strings exploration of the "Dark Side" but fun
Looking for some women, girls, couples to explore kinky fun. An occasional switch, I'm mostly Dom, and I love helping new girls explore the world that has been for them only fantasy so far.... I live alone in the countryside, can accomodate and would love eventually to find that 24/7 slave girl dedicated to pleasing me.... forever!
Kinky Dating20 to 55 years ● 50km around UK, Langar one week ago
True Dom seeks True sub
I've recently returned to England after living in the US and I'm looking for a sub to share her subspace, with LTR in mind. I'm looking for a sub who wants to start slowly and seek her limits as I seek mine. I've some light-to-hard experience, but I'd like to, need to, explore the possibilities with the right woman. My style is particular and precise and I make a point of taking my time. I'd describe myself as a Gentleman Dom, whose alter-ego in the vanilla world is laid back, positive in nature, and world-travelled. Outside of the subspace I'm a graphic designer, artist, and writer. If you like my profile, drop me a line and we can chat. I'm divorced with no kids, and I want to put the restraints on my bed, but right now they’re in a drawer with the other tools yet to be broken-in.
Kinky Dating18 to 45 years ● 25km around UK, Salford one week ago
Dominate looking for submissive for training.
It has taken me a long time to become the person I am, it has taken a lot of pain, mostly not mine, Chuckle. To be where I am now. I started off thinking that I am a true sadist, as a guy who likes to spank and restrain a willing sub, I thought that was all I was? But then I found out my main pleasure was not the pain or restraining. But was from the true Domination of the submissive and ensuring that they were fulfilled both physically and emotionally. So over the years I have explored quite a few aspects of my kink and have found that I love, pet play, DDlg play also I have a passion for Master/slave training and also Degradation training. But I also always play safely and use safe words and quick release restraints. I also like Shibari rope play and make my own toys and restraints as i am a student of leather craft. I look forwars to hearing from you. Drew, x
Kinky Dating21 to 55 years ● 5km around UK, Southend-on-Sea one week ago
Desperately searching for my Daddy/ Dom
I’m a very naughty, playful, obedient little girl! I love to please and I love learning! But I’m all alone and it’s scary!! I have many things I’m curious about and desperately want to try!! But I need a teacher!
Kinky Dating36 to 60 years ● 200km around Canada, Ottawa one week ago
Some serious fun
Just need to have my way with a lucky woman. Im young and ready to go 😜 new to this but skilled in a lot of places just want to take it further. Any offers welcome you will not regret it. Any thing goes
Kinky Dating5km around UK, Dumfries and Galloway one week ago
Hot young couple looking for cuckold sub
Her: 25, curvy, petite Latina domme Him: 26, tall, athletic, (hung) white stud We have been together for almost a year and I have convinced my boyfriend that we should look for a nice cuck sub to be our loyal slave and spice up our lives a bit. I personally have had subs before and have really enjoyed being a domme when single, my boyfriend has never done anything like this but is excited to try as he loves making me happy, and is thrilled about the idea of having a nice submissive wimp who wants to worship us ;) Ideally we would love to have a cuckold sugar daddy type of relationship with a nice, generous, submissive guy who is local to the Phoenix area, or willing to travel here for play dates if long distance. (Would consider an online arrangement with the right guy under the right circumstances, but only with real, serious candidates looking for a long term arrangement.) We would love a cuck that wants to worship us in the form of gifts, pay for us to go on lavish dates while he watches from afar (if he is even that lucky), sends us on nice vacations, and serves us in whatever ways we desire (foot massages, cleaning after our messy sex sessions, helping us clean our home while we focus on having fun with each other etc!) The lucky cuck who ended up being chosen by us would get all sorts of perks according to his specific tastes, so long as he was a loyal, obedient good boy who made both my man and I very happy. My kinks include (aside from Cuckolding obviously): SPH, humiliation, ignoring, chastity, findom, mindfucking and brainwashing, spiritual worship and conversion, sissifying men and animal role play , among others :) All interested parties please message me privately; you can see photos of my man and I privately as we are trying to be discreet about all of this and we don’t want to share our images publicly.
Kinky Dating30 to 70 years ● 200km around USA, Phoenix 4 days ago
Looking for the goddess strong enough
I'm retired widowed and have not spoken to my brothers in 20 years I can easily liquidate assets move pretty much anything without raising any eyebrows I have been waiting for the time to be right Ive had irrevocable durable power of attorney papers drawn up debt acknowledgement and settlement agreement documents drawn putting me heavily in debt to the woman willing to do this employment contract making endenturned status clear and will sign everything without question I'm looking for one thing that feeling of it's done I've finally done it 8m a slave like it or not I'm not getting out of this situation I'll elaborate to u if u have any interest in discussing it basically I hope to find a 24/7 TPE NON CONSENT FORCED CHASTITY arrangement I am not looking for a free ride have more than enough to cover my expenses and still have plenty for u to spoil urself my email is popolillojj@gmail.com my text number is 5612346283 only serious please no game players or tell me what I want to hear people please ready willing and able
Kinky Dating33 to 60 years ● 25km around USA, Tampa one week ago
Rope bunny needed for a few hours of rope play. Nothing off the the ground yet but maybe in the future. Need to keep the fingers working so they don't forget what to do. I've got a few colors to choose from.
Kinky Dating25 to 49 years ● 5km around USA, Fort Smith one week ago
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