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icon-wio Lee-3304 created a topic in New to BDSM, Kink & Fetish?
  • 22.03.2020 10:36:58
  • Lisboa
Lesbian femdom
I am a lesbian and usually pretty submissive. I enjoy dominating when I feel like I am in complete control and look my best. I love the idea of wearing a tight body suit and high heels while telling a girl what to do. I have never really wore anything while experimenting with kinky stuff Read more…and I have only done some basic slaping, chocking and dirty talk. What do you think I should look into so that I start improving my skills? What videos/forums/threads talk specifically about lesbian dom/sub? If there are any online stores selling latex suits, tight suits, high heels and sex toys im general that you recomend leave it in the comments :)
thank you!
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Deleted profile Consider consciously matching your words to your body language. Think ahead, about how the other person might react or respond and what options you have accordingly. Like a mental dress rehearsal.
For example, stating the simple declarative sentence, “ Get undressed”. or “Take off your blouse”. Read more… The tone of your voice. How you project. Your expression. Are you standing? Are you seated? What will you do (or say) if the person is compliant, or reticent, or protests, or refuses?
For many Doms/Dommes is comes naturally. It is part of the arsenal which you have at your disposal, use confidently and judiciously.
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