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Gender Woman
Age 28
Status Single
Zodiac signs Virgo

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  • LTR (relationship)


what I want in a nut shell is- I want to find my daddy. Someone who is a very sweet caring and loving person but will still throw your hand around my throat, push me against a wall and tell me to be a good little girl as you discipline me. I want you to take care of me. I want to cuddle up on your lap at night with a nice joint, a good drink and watch each other’s favorite movies. Talk about deep things and be intimate in more ways than just the bedroom. I would also always love take care of my daddy. Be respectful but stern. Please be monogamous, I am not into sharing. Please be looking for something serious as well. I’m hoping you’re out there somewhere.. I’m losing hope lol. If you fit this small description, let’s chat more about it all gives you…

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