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Gender Man
Age 43
Status Single
Zodiac signs Aries

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  • Kinky Dates
  • Friends
  • LTR (relationship)


I'm not expecting to necessarily find what I'm looking for but if you don't cast out the net you will never find out. Hence here I am. I'm a single, sane, independent guy who has had a couple of decades experience with dom/sub relationships, unfortunately I've been single for a while now and whilst I've met a few vanilla people in that time there hasn't been that spark there that I know I will need. I'm old enough to know that I'll always need some elements of D/s dynamics in a relationship and there is little point in settling for second best.
I think my user title makes my main kink pretty obvious and whilst bondage is a big part of what I enjoy it's as part of a wider power and control exchange dynamic that I enjoy. Being in control is something that comes naturally to me and I find it greatly empowering and energising when you find the right person that trusts you enough to have that dynamic. Hence why I'm looking for a long term, monogamous relationship because that is the basis for that trust understanding and emotional bond that intensifies that trust and dynamic comes from for me.
I'm into quite a few more kinks than just that though and if you're interested I'm sure we'll discuss them down the line. But first and foremost there needs to be a connection between us as people beyond just having the same kinks. I need there to be an intellectual and personality attraction that underlines everything else.
Away from kink other things I'm interested in are photography, art, cricket, beach walks, camping, films.
Ideally looking for a partner who is in her 30s or 40s, has some life experience and has passions and interests she wants to share too. I may be a dom but I'm up for being challenged by intelligence and education.
Hopefully someone here is looking for the same sort of thing. gives you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in Edinburgh with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Kinky Dating”. Nobody stays alone here for long! has tons going on!

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