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Married in a WLM for 20+ years. Looking to share with others in a similar relationship gives you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in Philadelphia with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Kinky Dating”. Nobody stays alone here for long! has tons going on!

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Sub is “bored”, I’m frustrated

In a wife led marriage the rules are different. Husband and wife are not equals so the wife's desires comes first. I am not saying that the submissive's feelings and desires are not important but they are not the top priority. Many WLMs fail because the sub selfishly pushes the wife to dominate Read more… them more without consideration for what the wife desires. My wife wants to be pampered, not spending her time spanking and punishing me every day. For my WLM to work I had to change my perspective to serve her in way that she enjoys. Once I understood that, my submission became much more fulfilling.

icon-wio subjoe101 wrote something in the forum
Sub is “bored”, I’m frustrated

It's great that you were able to talk with him and understand his issues. One thing to note is that submissive men are never satisfied. They always want more domination, more strictness, more kinkiness, etc. As others have said it is not your job to do everything he wants. You are the one in Read more… control and he needs to satisfy you. He needs to learn to appreciate what you are doing for him and to really savor what he has now and stop thinking about what else he wants. This is pretty common among submissive men and unfortunately they will never be happy until they learn to stop wanting and start appreciating what they have. Sometimes guys need a little reminder that they should be focused on pleasing the woman//wife and not focused on what they want.

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