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Midlife crisis or heartfelt desire?

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I haven't written for some time.
You know. .I've wanted to.
But I couldn't find the words
Let alone the rhyme.

The simple fact is. .I want you.
You will know when you read this
How we've joked about a life together
And imagined sharing such bliss

You thought the miles between us made you safe
That somehow it would be easy to fall in love
And it would have no meaning.
Then..Slowly. .you showed me what I was missing
And I bit my lip.

It's not supposed to be this way.
And earnest desires blurs the real and make believe
Tricking me.
My heart is open and I wonder ..just wonder. .
Is it deceived?
Can it be that you feel the same?
Could disruption shake the tectonic plates of our vanilla existence?
Like moulton magma your essence courses through my veins.
I am captured.

Non functioning.

It rains without you.

And I see you in each funfilled text
So full of love and passion, and it seems right
Let me have the light too
It's so late in this life for such taboo
Say you'll be mine this night
But make it for real.
Turn my world a sunshine hue
Bring me out of the blue.

(If you've been affected by an impending sense of wanting to do something rash and dramatic

Our trained counsellors are standing by to tell you that you really are pathetic. 

I mean the age difference alone would set tongues wagging and what could a young woman really want in an old romantic dog like you.

Her motives are unclear and you'd be better sighing into your beer..

.I mean "Daddy" indeed.

"But...but...I have a real need...and it's not just my ego to feed."

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