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Ero short (part 2of 5)

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The sensitivity of her in her present state made it all the more intense when Ryouta's warm breath, combined with the texture of his coarse lips met the clammy, soft flesh of her neck, sending waves of chills down her spine, becoming hot, radiating waves trickling down her naval until she realized a strange moist sensation in the delicate cotton of her panties...she had become wet from this mere sensation alone, this caused her to question if she was in fact, turned on by this state she was in, *** to his every whim, completely ***, unable to escape, blinded and unable to know what was coming next.
The anticipation of it all was almost more than she could bare, yet it was strangely fulfilling, as if something she was craving, yet never knew she wanted, was now occurring and satiating that craving, the hot, tingling waves travelled down her naval and culminated in a trickling of lubricious fluid out of her innards and into her cotton panties, almost like a symbol of her tainted thoughts having now stained her once supposedly clean mind.
Once the tingling subsided, it was replaced by a moderate urge to urinate...but this time it didn't suppress, instead remaining...she had actually needed to go for a while now, however that sensation becoming tertiary to both the shock of the sudden set of circumstances and these new sensations she was feeling.
All thoughts were abruptly interrupted, as she feels a sudden jolt on her back, causing her top half to tumble forward and collapse onto the bed, her derriere completely exposed now, then the soft, warm tickle of his fingers, slowly coursing up the bottom contours of her thighs, this feeling causing her faint leg muscles to tense up and quiver as his fingers moved closer and closer to her smooth, round, petite buttocks.
Her heart begins racing and cold sweat begins to bead on her forehad as his fingers inch toward the precipice of her exposed perineum, causing her quivering, nearly spasming legs to clinch together, almost ***ly and her spine to arch.
Another jolt to her system as his fingers stop right at the egde of where her vulva ends and her pirineum begins, his fingers leaving her for a moment, then the sting of a sudden slap against the sensitive flesh of her buttocks, then someing hard pushing into her panties against her perineum, followed by a sucking sensation...then silence for a moment, followed by his warm breath travelling up the nape of her neck again.
He whispers into her ear again, saying "So you're aleady wet and I haven't even done anying yet...you want it that badly, huh?"
"I'm going to have some fun with you for a while"
She is then left on the bed for a while, nearly frozen in this position she had been in when she had been pushed forward, the fact of being blinfolded causing her endorphins to rage with anticipation of something happenin, but not knowing what or even knowing where Ryouta was.
After a few moments, she began to get a whiff of an aroma that seemed to be of some kind of herb, then she hears his footsteps enter the room and the faint clinking of metal...then something sets down on the bed, what sounded like the metal object, followed by what sounded like a cup and something pouring into it, the herbal aroma completely permeating the room now.."had he made tea" she thought to herself.
She suddenly feels his hands sofly move up the small of her back, almost as if massaging it, but then an upward motion and her hair being bunched up in his hands, suddenly he pulls her up by her jet black hair to her previous position of sitting upright...the *** of her hair being pulled this way once again having a most odd effect of being...exciting, yet terifying...creating an array of different reactions internally that she had never experienced before.
He speaks into her ear again, only this time it wasn't a whisper, it was more deep, yet silky smooth, he says " when I put the cup to your mouth, you will drink, understand?" She nods compliantly.
One of his arms wraps around her shoulder softly, while she feels and smells the cup come closer to her face.. the pleasant aroma of what she was sure was green tea filled her nostrils...he whispers into her ear "be careful, it's hot, don't burn your little tongue, sip it slowly"
She nods again and feels the rim of the cup kiss the gap btween her lips and she prepares to sip as she feels him grab her hair again, this time easing her head back as her pushes the cup into her lips, she feels some of the hot liquid meet the tips of her lips and then uses her tongue to test the heat...it's hot, but she's able to let some in her mouth...he pulls her back a bit further and pushes the cup in more, spilling more tea into her mouth before releasing her hair for a moment, allowing her to finish th gulp of tea.
Ryouta speaks to her "we are going to repeat it this way until you finish all of it."
She nods, nervously, not knowing how much there was to drink.
...to be continued in part 3


Finding a man, who would b more then comfortable to do that? Near impossible

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