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Writing a good profile


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Hi - I am sure I have a lot of good things going for me, as do everyone. However, how do you get that across in a profile so that people will actually read it? 

I have always found self-promotion difficult and much prefer actions to speak louder than words, but how do you get this across when making first impressions?



Funnily enough, Carnelian2, the next article I will be writing is about this very thing! So I'm not giving away all my info now. ;) 

However,a few pointers. I haven't read your profile btw, these are just things that jump to mind!

Make sure your profile is about you and not just what you want.

Don't try and write the perfet personal -let your profile be personal and reflect who you are.

And the rest will be out in my article next week ;) 

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