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Edible Nipple Rings


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There are very few things in life like seeing a delicious pair of nipples wearing rings on either or both. I love Nipple Rings... until I have to put one in my mouth that is.

Now, like most men, I do like chewing on a nice juicy nipple for an indeterminate amount of time. Sometimes it's like a snack and at others I like to long it out, taking turns to make sure I can eat out of both plates and more care if one happens to be a little shy. You know the ones that like to hide away...

Problem is nipple rings kinda spoil the fun for me. Because they're usually made of some inorganic material or other, it spoils my enjoyment just as a sudden pip clanking between my teeth spoils a perfect olive.

So I'm sort of hoping that some genius kinkster (my hat off to you Sir / Ma'am) has used this lockdown period a lot more productively and has invented some delicious edible nipple rings ready to hit the market as early as August. Cherry and Strawberry flavours my preference.

So if this is you, please let me know...


There's always the rings from Haribo Starmix.   They double as delicious toe rings too.  😏

As for flavours, right with you on cherry and strawberry.     👍


nipple rings can provide extra stimulation for the wearer! remember it’s not always about you! :)

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