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I am perplexed seriously

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Why is okay to post pictures of tits, cunts, cocks and gaping asses.  But a photo of three rubber cocks standing  inanimately on a table gets refused, and the photo posting rules and guidelines that the picture isn’t breaking get quoted at me!?  Can annoyone explain the idiosy to me, as I am on the verge of a sense of humour failiure. 

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Could you send the image in a message so we can see why maybe it was deleted? It might be that there was something in the background . However, sometimes mistakes do happen as the images are checked by real people.  

We'll get to the bottom of this for you! 

i had this problem with a profile banner i made for myself had to upload it twice before it got approved sometimes mistakes happen though just gotta keep trying

Create a ticket and ask, the site team is helpful...at least the pics are being checked by real people.

Deep breaths and hold on to the sense of humour...it is the main toy and tool of BDSM.

Now, I am curious to see the pic...why is it when something is forbidden that curiosity goes up?

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