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I will be following this conversation as I am in the same position.


Hi! I guess it depends on what you mean by pursue and expand interests in person. Are you looking for play experience? Group or one-on-one? More instructional? Community-based? 

For instructional, I’ve seen several hands-on trainings through FetLife such as beginner’s course, bondage, impact play, etc. I don’t know where you’re at and if you’re local community would have these, especially currently, but worth checking into. Another possible option might be trying to find someone near you that would be willing to mentor you. 

For community-based, best place to go is a munch. These are great places to learn and connect with others with varying levels of experience. Again this will be dependent on location and availability with the current times. 

For play experience, there are many options depending on interest areas and relationship goals. You could schedule a session with a professional (if legal in your area), go to a dungeon, look at hook up sites (some of which cater to kink), etc. Truthfully, when looking for an one-on-one in person experience it really doesn’t even come down to kink. It comes down to treating them like a person first. In this way, it resembles regular dating. In which case, the normal dating advice applies. Treat others how you want to be treated, don’t lead with all your kink wants and desires, use proper spelling (minimal text abbreviations), be polite, etc. Sometimes it can feel like it can take a long time to meet someone, but you’ll get there! 😊


Hope something in this was helpful! 

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