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Paddys Past Day


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Paddy's past  day 

The door to the dark room broken open and flooded it with light , The Master and his victims step forward. 
The master calls a simple name , but one that is known thru the village,

He appears from nowhere,  and his appearance is different from all the other tanned and dark tones in the busy environment. 
His pale skin stands out , as he scans the environment obsessed with observing and ensuring that everyone is behaving and having fun.

The Master tall and toned with a dark chocolate complexion,  matching 80 % of the others in his presence. 

He smiles at paddy , and sets paddy to task.
Paddy smiles as he understands what he must do.
And this makes paddy smile.

He escorts her to a deserted corner,  so he could learn more about her wants ,needs and desires. 
The master watching from afar.
With a smile across his face,the apprentice knows ways to get what he wants and needs with simple words and gestures .
The master calls his next victim for the dark room, and guides them in with his devilish grin.

He speaks with to her with confidence and a manner refreshing ,
He gets in closer inches from face  , and asks
" tell me what your wants and needs are and anything else that might help me in return help create the new you."

Does she trust this man before her , he stand up , and offers you his hand .
You fully take in his presence. 

Six foot tall, broad shoulders , 
Hair short and messy styles 
His clothes,  different from the other slaves around,  the females in darks.
He is the only white face here and the brightness from his shirt and tie make him like a lighthouse guiding the way of safty for all.
You see his chest and muscles confined to the bright pink shirt as you grab his hand and follow. 

He stands you infront of a full length mirror,  and observes you and your stature amd asks you more personal questions of who you are,  and who you truly want to be.
He looks you over , he licks his lips and sets to task
The face is key, it's what everyone will see when you walk in the room and you will decide on whom they see.
 He gets closer to you ear , as he whispers,  do you want to disappear or do you want everyone to notice you.

Your lips quiver , and you become moist between thighs 

You reply " I want to be noticed "

He smiles and sets to task 

He scans her face to memory,  and goes to task.
In mere moments he returns with a fine selection,  she sees something that peeks her interests already,  but she has to wait for her turn.
He sees her gaze at what she wants , hes seen that look 1000s times and will see it again of that I am assure. 
Why waste her time and his , just give the bitch what she needs. 
He says close your eyes for just a moment 

He picks it up and opens his choice, and places it on her face and around the ears for comfort. 
The busyness of your surroundings instantly stops as his skin touches yours and the device is placed upon you.
He whispers" open your eyes"
You do as you are ordered,  and you have been transformed into a totally different goddess of sorts, 
you are still there , but not who you were when first started this part of your journey ,Different but the same .
He make comments on , on hair & Makeup 
Work and relaxation. 
And it's all a blur as you look completely different in the mirror before you.

He confirms your selection,  and proceeds 
He measures your face and head,  his hands everyone,  making sure the fit and cut were perfect for her and what she needed to do.

He breathed a sigh and checked his antique pocket watch 

Grab a coffe and cake and wait around for an hr.
Everything should be ready when you return. 

She does as instructed, and leaves for coffee and what not.
Each second she waited was an eternity,  as the time dragged she could not handle the wait , and she returned with to much time to spare, would he be mad..

As soon as he saw her walk through those doors ,his face could hardly contain his smiles.
He escorted he back to his little corner, his concern about coffee and cake was dear and sweet, not like the other men out here without taste and refinement. 
He politely excuses him self , her eyes follow him and his form.
He find what he seeks  , he picks it up and unfolds again. 
The smile dissolves  , a frown appears , and the craftsman has been called. 
His anger make an instant appearance,  the craftsman hangs his head in shame , he knows himself paddy will decimate all of those who dont keep to the rules and the highest quality we provide. 
" She hears paddy say ,fuck off and get out of my sight "

In a flash his belt at eye level 
So sorry my dear , can you give 10 mins 
There was an issue he says .
You mumble no problem as your ears ring from being called My Dear,  a sweet a simple term that brings a smile to your face , and the countless 1000s he has used it on.

He removes his cufflinks a rolls the sleeves up his forearms. 
An apprentice watches with awe as paddy sets to task as the minutes roll by.
His steadfast hands doing what they do best.
Machines whirl , east Indian music wafts in from the busy streets.
And in a flash , he has returned 

He looks you in the eye and says " ready for the new you"
With his cheeky smile 
" close your eyes "
Your next sensation you feel the contraption on your face , the weight difference is notable,  and he sees the look on his face 
He gives you an honest answer and you smile
You feel his hand and fingers as the do their job and work you to frenzy and finish just as quick. 
Noe open them , the dark skinned beauty opened her eye to see her transformation before her.

The choice was wonderful,  the fit was exquisite and custom,  and she could finally see herself and all those around her
Her new glasses were fantastic,  and hes was even better looking,  now that the vision had been corrected. 
He checks her over , tells her to put hair  up or down , or to the side she has options now, more then  before. 

He squeezes her hand one final time , and now the ***full part he says , as his smiles become larger
" time to pay the BILL,
or credit for your new glasses my dear  as he smiles.
 and with that she hands over her credit card  and wanting to return as soon as she was allowed .

The pound of flesh has been paid as he escorts this exotic beauty to the door . 
He smiles .
He looks her directly in her brand new eyes , and speaks directly to her.
Now unless you have problems  ,
 I wont be seeing you any time soon.
And with that she hands him her real phone number,  and hope he calls her soon.

Sometimes he does
Sometimes he doesn't. 

If you want the real paddy , you have to wait until after dark

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