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Bed time


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I walk into the bedroom, somethings different but can't quite put my finger on it. You walk in and have a smiles just playing at the corners of your lips.

Its been a busy day so I've already changed into a comfy pair of PJs. I climb into bed and snuggle into your arms. With my head on your chest my hand carelessly strokes your hip. Your arm wraps around me and keeps me close while you read something on your phone with your other hand.

I easily start to drift off listening to your heart beat. I feel you shift but to sleepy to register. 

I only take notice when your tying my second hand to the bed restraints. That's what was different, you had set it up earlier that day.

As I come to it too late, you have both my hands fastened tight, I can hardly move my arms.

You move around the bed silently giving nothing away of what's going to happen. You reach into the draw, where everything is safely kept, and hold up the ball gag. I left my head and eagerly take it into my mouth. Once fastened you lay my head down and lean in to kiss me. You kiss each cheek and down my neck. I gasp and arch my back, my nipples are already hard, I have goosebumps all down my body and can start to feel my clit getting aroused. Your fingers move around my nipples over my PJs but never quite teaching them.

The next thing out of the draw is my blindfold. Its only a cheap one so I can still see out the bottom. Keepeaning to get a better one, but never quite happens. You place it on and notice I'm peaking out the bottom so you pull my pj top over my head. My vision is completely blocked.

You raise off the bed then nothing, no noise, no movement that I can hear. I know your still in the room but I have no idea where you are or what your doing. I bring my knees up, my breathing quickens and I move my head from side to side, trying to catch any movement. Suddenly there's a noise to my left which makes me jump, then nothing. Then a noise to my right of you searching for something in the draw.

You place something in my hand for me to feel. I know instantly it's my vibrating butt plug. I try to say something but the gag stops me. You place it on my pussy above my pj bottoms. I react to the vibrations. I move my hips to try to feel it more.

Without warning to lick the top of my hard nipple, gently moving the tip of your tongue around it. I grown as I want you to take more of it when *** shoots through my other nipple. It takes me a second to register what happened when it happens again, this time I know what it is. My leather paddle.  You switch sides and start kissing my nipple, it tinkles because of the paddle. You wait for me to grown again before slapping my other nipple with the paddle. 

You get up and again nothing. All I can hear is the vibrating butt plug which is still resting on top on of pussy. 

I try to use every sense I have to work out where you are, I'm sure I can feel you through my goosebumps.

Your hands lift my hips slightly so you can remove my pj bottoms. You run are hand up and down my leg not quite reaching my aching pussy. You move my feet up and my knees apart. I feel so exposed.

Slap, the paddle lands squarely on my pussy, I try to call out but only a grown escapes.

Slap, again you land the paddle squarely across my pussy.

The next hit is to the inside of my right thigh, then inside of left thigh. You do this a few times, i can feel my skin turning red. I squeal and move my legs. You growl which is the first sound you've made since you started, ***fully putting my legs where you want them. For that you give me 5 more slaps on the pussy. Each one harder then the first. I want to cry out and can start to feel tears fill my eyes. I don't know how but I just manage to keep my hips and legs in place.

You kiss me where you hit me on my thighs then starting gently at first you move to my pussy. Kissing around the outside first your tongue finally finds my clit. My hips move up to great you but you pull your head away. I grown, I want you, no I need you to suck my clit and you know this. Again you start kissing around my clit teasing me. When you reach my clit I move my hips up again to meet you eagerly wanting you. Again you pull away. I whimper. This time you go hard and fast sucking my clit. I pull at my hand restraints, arching my back. I feel my legs start to tremble and the familiar feeling of an orgasm build up from within. I grind my hips into your face. I want to cum over your face but just as I'm about to you pull away. I cry out as best as I can. I try to move my hands and pull against the restraints. I move my legs trying to find where you've gone.

Then I hear it, you've taken my rabbit vibrator out and are playing with the settings. You pull my lips apart and tease me with the tip of the rabbit. Then I feel something else, the butt plug. I had forgotten you had that out. You've lubed it up but I'm still quite nervous. You push the tip of the butt plug into my arse and I pull away.

'Come on, good girl, you know you want it' 

The sound of his voice calms me down and I take a few deep breaths. You position my hips to where you wants them again. Again you slowly push the vibrating plug into my arse, I grown and relax as much as I can. Once you have it all in and chosen the setting you want you place a gentle kiss on my clit. The feeling of it filling my arse is almost over whelming. The vibrations from the plug radiates through my arse and as I move my hips I feel the build up of an orgasm again. This alone was enough to push me over the edge.

But you wasn't finished. You then move back to the rabbit vibrator, pushing it in and out so the moving balls enter me over and over again. The ears just reaching my clit to tease it before you pull it away. You seem to do this for ages edging me closer and closer to orgasm but not allowing me to be overcome by it. At this point I'm constantly whimpering and grinding my hips trying to find my release. But your having to much fun. My whole body feels alive.

You pull my pj top down from over my head and the blindfold and gag. I'm blinded by the soft light. Before I can get my bearings properly you push the rabbit hard in and against my clit. You move the plug so its pushing up against the rabbit.

Wave after wave the orgasm finally washes over me, all I can do is cry out, you pin my legs down so i can't move them, you don't want this to stop. I lift my head up to look at you, as my second orgasm rolls over me. You're smiling at me, a proud look across your face.

'Good girl, give it all to me'

As the orgasm fads you pull out the rabbit, and slowly pull out the plug. I lay there feeling empty, but very satisfied. You kiss where it is still red from the paddle earlier, working your way up my body until you reach my lips. I kiss you hungrily, tasting myself on your lips. You put the rabbit in my mouth for me to clean it off. While I clean you move any hair that's over my face and stroke my cheeks.

After you untie my hands and make sure my wrists and arms are ok, you let me curl up against you and pull the cover over us. I kiss your cheek and whisper thank you again and again until I'm resting again on your chest. I fall asleep with you stroking me hair.


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