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The Box


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Paddy         The Box

A Small tear at the corner of the box.
Usually a tear  so small would go unnoticed .
But not to her ever suspicious eye over him.

She questioned in the darkness of the morning, with a hate in her eye for him.
He answered her question with a small.white lie in his mind.
But she questions everything he does.
And doesn't stop digging until he is under the blade of the shovel.

His mind is clear these past few months, 
She might disagree and blame a cloud that he inhales, but it's not that that has dulled his soul.
The past decade of *** and suffering has hurt the pair that words can not describe,  they have had moments of joy and excitement .

But as the months turned to years and  those moments were turned to ***ful memories for one ,and the other chasing a memory that was so long ago.

One always had a pure love for the other,  always encourage and and fan the flames of what ever was the new flavor in their mind

The other never felt encouragement to chase their dreams ,but mearly to chase the almighty dollar, he did that once already.
It crippled him and numbed him to the core and and even more so.

And now one waits , 
to see which will open the box


So will you tell us, cause now I will be curious

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