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i'm on all fours...being taken doggystyle by my lover. i'm so grateful for it...sex is something i don't do very well without...but...there is something missing.

i close my eyes and start to imagine...

in my minds eye...

i see my wrists...stretched out in front of me on the bed. not bare as they are now but encircled with the leather cuffs.

i feel the warmth of the leather collar around my neck.

i feel the sweet warm burn on my ass and breasts as if i had been properly spanked and flogged before being taken...

in my mind, i imagine His Cock filling me...so much longer, and thicker, than that of my lover. with every ounce of my imagination i feel it, filling me, opening me, pounding me in a way that my love just can not match. 

i begin to moan, bucking my hips wildly. i almost cum before some sort of guilt overtakes me, and i back off from the mental images and feelings.


i have been told, more than once, that the deeper you go into this lifestyle, the less that vanilla will fulfill you.


with COVID related shutdowns of dungeons and not wishing to risk exposure by meeting people to play privately, BDSM play has been so scarce for me this year and i am really feeling the void of being thoroughly used by a skilled Dominant.

with my lover...i can show up with my toy bag filled with restraints, collars, floggers and crops. i can ask him, nicely, to spank me, or whip me, or use other things on me. i can put on my leather gear and lingerie and he will oblige me.

but it's different...so different...than being with a Dominant who is actually IN this lifestyle. One who knows the subtilties that go into making a successful scene, and more importantly, one who WANTS to explore, and exploit, those subtilties.


reflecting on my vanilla love life i see it as this: You can ask your partner tie you up...but if he lacks the desire, or imagination...he just won't know what to do next. or, WHY to do next.



written by pomonagirl, 2020

thanks for reading! 


Once Pandoras box has been opened there is no going back

44 minutes ago, Dee1111 said:

Once Pandoras box has been opened there is no going back

I've heard that somewhere before 😂😂


thank you so much everyone, for reading and for leaving your insightful comments. i really appreciate it! 

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