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Just wanting to say thank you

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When I signed up here during one of my reckless impulsive moments, I really wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do.

I mean I’m going through some tough stuff and tend to just pour it all out without a filter sometimes.

i have been amazed and humbled by the kindness, encouragement and concern shown by other members. I still don’t feel ‘worthy’ but maybe I’ll get there one day.

Also the dedication of the moderators. So genuine and helpful and personal in their responses.

Ive always felt I’m too much for this world and it has been so nice to have people reach out. It’s refreshing in a world where we are all so guarded and trying to be okay and never sure who we can tell when we are not.


So thanks for accepting my randomness and ramblings and not judging. 😊


It's our pleasure sweetie, so don't worry, 🤗🤗


From the other side of the country distant online ((hugs)) lol don't see that happening in real life any time soon. Thats for letting us read whats in your head. Be it relate to one person's life struggles many others or whats inside you holding back daring to flow out of you you've touched my heart today and kicked my back end too words I needed to hear I related too x

1 hour ago, Messedup79 said:


Ive always felt I’m too much for this world and it has been so nice to have people reach out

You're not too much for this world, you've just been in the wrong one until now.

You're part of a community now x


The mods are pretty cool dudes to be fair 😊


Messedup, one thing that should register for you is that for the genuine devotees of this lifestyle, WE are non-judgmental, so if you are feeling that you are maybe too much for us, then aren't you judging yourself, probably a bit too harshly.  Dear girl, we all want to be better people, to improve ourselves, and that is just human nature, but not to the detriment of enjoyment of life.  So girl, settle in, make friends and chat, and you will find a whole lot more nice people coming out of the woodwork.  And if you ever feel the need for support or guidance, NEVER feel you can't come to this place for support.  There are many who give of themselves to help out.

Now just enjoy what this life brings your way, but remember to be Safe Sane and Consensual, and NEVER doubt your worth, because we are ALL special in our own way.   

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