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How Do You Get Her to DO That?


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I've been going through old letters, journals and other pre internet stuff. This one had to be around '78
=================================================“How do you get her to do all that?” I often sit next to Dave, a local plumber when I have breakfast after the night shift. He was referring to Misha from the other morning.

“I dunno Dave, it just seems to be in her nature.”\

She’s tall, slim, freckle, lots of freckles that contrast her light skin, tightly curly long black hair. Definitely feel a spark with her. Who wouldn’t? Somehow her mischievous smile seems to match the sound of her name.

The night/morning (I worked night shift) in question, during a staff meeting she lay on the bottom of a laundry cart, moving it about with her feet, looking up at the ceiling, "I'm trying to get a different perspective on this issue..."

She's a lot of fun.
That morning she asked if I’d go to breakfast with her after our shift.
She’s engaged so even though I was excited when she asked, I reminded myself of her status and said yes to the offer.

“I’ll drive,” she said as we headed to the parking lot. She unlocked the passenger side and I got in.
It only registered later, that she closed the passenger door for me.
When we arrived at Baglesmith, with a voice that was slightly worried and urgent, she said, “Wait, don’t get out, …please,” but then she gave her usual mischievous grin.

She exited the car, came over to my side and opened the door for me.
Then, scampering ahead she held open the Baglesmith entrance door with a flourish of her hand.
As I entered she whispered, “Please, let me take your coat and wait to be seated.”
She’s a woman with a plan.
“Over here please,” as she escorted me to a table near the coat rack. First helping me off with my coat, and then pulled out a chair for me.
She asked me what I was going to have for breakfast and placed our order.
A bit of small talk and then the waitress poured our coffee.
“How do you like your coffee Sir?” I had never discussed BDSM with her, but she chose to refer to me that way. I felt she was trying to just be unconventional and mess with the customers. I very much enjoyed her service.
She looked a little disappointed at my answer, “Black.”
“Very well Sir.”
She was attentive, buttered my bagel one bite at a time, and would only eat when I was taken care of.
When the check came, “I’ll take care of this Sir,” and as I reached for my wallet, “Even the tip Sir, I insist. I’m honored to have you as my breakfast guest.”
She got my chair for me, held my coat out and held the door on the way out. My plumber friend could probably see her open the car door for me if he was looking. He was looking.
At the work parking lot we hugged good bye. On the nights we worked together, this service oriented breakfast would be repeated.
Sometimes at work, she would lean against me, I’d put my arm around her.
The last day of work we were saying our final good byes, she was going to move to her soon to be husband’s area and she looked down at the ground, “I always wondered, what it would have been like, if we…….”

That would have been.... um.... oh well...



I know this situation all too well, sometimes the price of being a true friend or gentleman is so, so high!


I think I'd like to give this very thing to my sub sometime as a task. Hahaha

1 hour ago, KinkySirXxX said:

I think I'd like to give this very thing to my sub sometime as a task. Hahaha

Since then, I've done just that!

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