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Knife Play, and an Important Role of Law Enforcement


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(This was at Floating World, where the Fire Marshal and Police Chief are on hand to make sure everything's on the up and up, or, erm, safe, or, um, well for whatever reason the municipality is on board with what goes on there....)

When I drew my knife there was only a uniformed police officer nearby. Otherwise, it was just me and a naked MrsWise.

She found herself face up on a padded table. The rest of The Floating World play space was empty at the time.
Yes, he was a real cop, a feature more events should have.
The fire chief was always there for fire play. In his case, even though it was his official duty, many of us have seen that it’s now a delightful pastime for him.

Knives are MrsWise’s easy path to subspace. Her facial expression is precious. It’s a sort of red faced, “You’re not REALLY going to kill me?” giggling sort of reaction. I can’t fully describe, it has to be seen.
The knife is turning in front of one eye, then touches her cheek, makes it’s way down her throat. I hold the point at her jugular and look at the cop who now has his arms crossed and a grin.

“Nobody’s going to help you,” I inform my bride.

The knife makes it’s way down towards her C-cups tracing circles, getting closer and closer to nipple.

I try to have an absent-minded look while I take the curved edge of the knife and push it into the nipple slightly and then away, back in and away…. No blood. (That part of the knife LOOKS sharp.)
Her giggling get to the point of slightly difficult breathing, she’s spaced out. Knives get her very spacey.
The knife traveled around MrsWise’s body slowly. Stopping sometimes I’d check in and let her catch her breath.

When I sheathed my knife and wrapped my arms around her, the officer gave us a tip of his hat and left us to space out.
We need more Law Enforcement encounters like that.


In my opinion.....it is a dichotomy of the law enforcement world. Even if they have the inherent liking for the lifestyle, they cannot admit it openly. In the modern world it is too often assumed to be abuse. But I believe you are correct, it is an important thing that needs to happen more often.

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