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After a Long Week Part 1


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It was finally Friday night. She was driving home from her job as a VP at her company. She was proud of the fact that she wasn't quite 30, and had already gotten that far. At work she was large and in charge. But now she was headed home. Things weren't going so well there. Friction had been growing between her and her husband for a while. He was a plumber, made good ***, but had been upset over the way things were going. To be truthful, so was she. She was tired of always making the decisions at home. He was complaining about her being bossy and taking too much work home. She wanted home life to be different, but she didn't know how to get there.
She got home, parked the car and went in the house. Her husband's truck was here, so he was. She went in thru the kitchen and set her things down. She saw a note had been left for her. It said that dinner was arranged and her husband had left some clothes out for her to wear on the bed. She thought that was very sweet. As she headed to the bedroom, she undid her blouse. As she walked in the room she unzipped her skirt, slid it off. Took off her bra and panties and headed for the bath. She drew a bath, and soaked in it for a while. When she got out she felt relaxed. She wrapped herself with a towel, and headed towards the bed.
She got there and looked for the clothes. But all she saw was a slightly long tshirt. No bra, panties, shorts or pants. She heard herself say what the....and she felt her husband's strong hands grab her by the arms. She asked him what he meant by this, and his only reply was it was as much or more than she used to wear. She heard the sound of a zip tie, and that was when she realized that he had moved her hands behind her. She felt the tie close on her wrists. She started to struggle, but he just lifted her arms. This caused her to lean over. His other hand reached down, and started to touch her and rub her. She was shocked by what he had done. Even more shocked by her bodies reaction. She asked him what he thought he was doing. He just reached up, pulled the towel off, and pushed her up onto the bed. When her legs were on top of the tshirt, he stopped pushing.
She she heard him unzip his pants. She asked what he was doing. He said he was changing things, and then he felt him driving inside of her. She wanted to tell and scream, but all she could do was moan. It felt so good. In moments he was pounding her like he hadn't done in a long time. She was quickly realizing that it wouldn't take her long. She could tell he might not either. After a short time she felt herself going over the edge. Pushing herself into him she heard and felt him give way inside of her. She thought great, maybe this strangeness was over. Instead her pulled her upright into a sitting position, moved in front of her, and shoved his cock in her mouth. That was when she realized, this could be a long night.

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