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**TW** After a Long Week Part 2


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For some unknown reason she started sucking and using her tongue immediately. He looked down at her and told her good girl. She felt a thrill almost immediately. She could taste herself, and some of him her mouth. For some reason it just made her try harder. He wasn't soft yet when he went into her mouth. And he kept pushing her deeper. Soon she realized he was fully hard again, because he pushed down her throat. She gagged several times, but he just kept going. She couldn't understand what was making her so excited, this was wrong. He gave her several more strokes, then went behind her again and mounted her. This time he drove her flat, she screamed at the roughness, she kept screaming and moaning as he kept going. Driving her deep into the bed. She heard someone saying yes over and over, and realized it was her. After what seemed like a glorious forever, she felt him fill her with his cum again. She knew she was overfull, and as soon as he pulled out, she felt his cum leaking out of her. It was sort of disappointing, because it felt so good inside her.
Once again he went around and stuck himself in her mouth. She tasted him and her all over him. She tried but she was exhausted. He looked at her and petted her on the head. He looked down at her and asked if she was hungry. She said yes she was. He said ok. He helped her get up, and then picked up the shirt that had been under her the whole time. He arranged to then slid it over her head. It was soaked in his and her juices, and she looked at him. He looked at her grabbed her chin and gave her a deep kiss that was wonderful. Then he said that this weekend she was only going to wear this shirt and him.
As he helped her to the living room, she had never been so humiliated in her life. At the same time she had never felt so sexy, not even on her best days. He took her to the couch. He picked up a knife off the table and cut the zip tie. For some reason all she did was put her arms through the holes in the shirt. It was shorter than she thought, barely covering half of her cheeks. It stuck to her all over. He grabbed her arm and put something on it he had attached to one end of the coffee table then he did the same to the other arm. Now she was held in place, with some kind of leather bands on her arms, spreading her arms wide and making her be in a bent over position.
He left her like that and went to the kitchen. He came back and placed a pizza on the table in front of her. It smelled so good. He climbed onto the couch behind her. He asked her if she was really hungry. She said yes. He moved forward and pressed against her. She could feel his warm body pressed against her, and more importantly, she could feel he was hard again. Naturally her body pressed back into him. He must really like being in charge like this, and she had to admit, she did to, even with the ***. She felt herself press against him even harder. He reached down, picked her up a little and then pulled her back down. He started to enter her when she realized that he missed. A load moan escaped her. He got fairly deep in her when he picked her up some, starting to pull out. Then he pulled her back down even harder. Her back arched in response, and he drove all the way in, making her moan again. She suddenly realized that he hadn't missed. He pulled her up and down, taking her in a way she had never allowed. As he kept going she found her body starting to help. Moving with him, arching to help him get a better angle. She was still moaning with every thrust, but now it was pleasure not ***. She started working harder as he started to pick up the pace and ***. She lost herself to the feeling until she felt him start to fill her ass with hot cum. She drove herself into him as she felt him bury himself deeply. It seemed like he kept cumming inside her forever. She ground herself against him, crying out with joy, using the weight of the table to help.
When he was done, he kept her there for a moment, feeling her still moving against him. Then he asked her if she was going to be a good little slut so he could let her eat. She said yes. He pulled out of her and within moments she felt him leaking out of her and down her legs. She had never felt so dirty in her life, she had never felt better.

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