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As you film me, like my personal director, I begin to lose my inhibitions. Dancing around in the steamy bathroom, nipples hard and red from squeezing them just as you instructed. 


The bath is bubbly and hot.


You reach over and turn it off.


You pat the ledge of the bath and position your phone on the shelf. I can see it’s still recording.


You see the anxious look on my face?


Who do you belong to? You whisper.


You Sir, I reply


And do you trust me?


Yes Sir


Good, because tonight you are mine remember, and I can’t have you looking all anxious can I?


No Sir.


Good, you whisper into my mouth as you lean in as though to kiss me but just press your lips against mine to speak instead.


Undress me you instruct


I unbutton your shirt keeping my eyes on yours, just as you had been teaching me. 


Your hands reach for my nipples and squeeze them as you watch my eyes.


You hear me sigh a little yelp.


Do you like belonging to me? You ask


Yes Sir


Your shirt is off and you pull me to you and hold me tightly against your naked chest.


You can feel my neediness, as you part my legs and push your hand into my wet lips.


See, I knew my girl would enjoy making an exhibition of herself’ you smirked


Do you want to show me how grateful you are?


I nodded 


You squeezed my nipple hard to let me know my error.


Yes Sir, I corrected myself


You released me and gestured me to my knees using only your eyes.


I could see how much you desired me too and I wanted to taste you.


You removed your belt and placed it around my neck, like a collar.


Whose girl are you?


You tugged in the belt which you had become the symbol of my submission


I am yours Sir.


You undid your trousers and released your cock so it was throbbing before my face.


I looked into your eyes. Wanting you to tell me. 


You knew I hated to ask.


I licked my lips, and some drool fell upon your throbbing cock


You tugged on the belt.


You know you must ask before touching Sir’s cock


You squeezed my nipple and held it for 10 seconds, making me count it out. 


That is for your impatience


Thank you Sir


You looked at me waiting again for me to ask, maybe even to beg?


I did not want to disappoint you 


Please Sir, may I taste you


You smiled and patted my hair and waited some more


I was aching and wanted so desperately to take you into my mouth, to feel you pushing inside me.


Please Sir, I need to taste you and feel you deep in my throat, I need you to own my lips. I opened my mouth waiting eagerly for you to take what was yours. 


Of course! You tugged me forwards with the belt and pushed yourself deep into me. Holding me there. Making me Yours.

12 minutes ago, MasterxPoet said:

Typical Saturday nignt?

It’s what I do after severing the head or two of beasts...

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