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A Tale of Energy, Possession and Love

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A feeling of desire, to be close to you and feel the energy following though you. Feel the warmth of your skin softness of touch, how our sents mix, listening to personality, intimacy and fragility. Maybe lying in the grass under a yellow sun, maybe in the comfort of a household, body ob body, skins taking to reach other. I want to feel your energy opening up to mine, holding you, to be present every step of the way, to let you in my heart to gift you. Hold you as my energy flows though you, you flowring though me burning in a white flame of desire, your pleasure, i eat it off your skin. Deep inside of you, i feel your depths. let me into your pleasure, feel my passion, or bodies during on each other, desire for you, the two to be one, hold me. We take a moment, our hair still soft, breaths is heavy. Now more delicate, stronger denser energy, defenses down, energies free. I fall as you pull away the ground under my feet, just to fall ontop of you.

We are one, pleasure around us, on our lips, in our thoughts, inside of you. Passion dripping away from our bodies. One breaths, rebirth, love, excitement, healing

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