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Deliberately late - final part

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I guide her up off the floor by her hair quite roughly, my strong hand tightly holding her hair on top, and make her stand in front of me, my other hand firmly around her throat as I tell her ‘I don’t think you’re sorry at all’

I tighten the black silk blindfold around her head and handcuff her hands tightly behind her back, I can feel them shaking slightly as I lock them off firmly. I can see her nipples hard enhancing her gorgeous big breasts I squeeze and flick them making her moan loudly. My big strong bare hands now slapping her soft pale breasts - her nipples so hard and burning slightly now tweaking and flicking. My hands leaving red marks now as I slap harder and harder.

I attach the nipple clamps firmly to each one - they are attached to one metal chain - clamps

set to give maximum pressure as I pull her nipples hard and place the clamps at the base of each one. Little screams as each one fastens firmly around her erect nipples - I pull on the chain to ensure they are tight enough and to increase the pressure.

‘Get down on your knees now’ my hands forcing her down till she is exactly where I want her to be, ‘Open your mouth you naughty fucking girl’ I command loudly. Her soft beautiful lips widen and I can see her tongue dry with a nervousness. She knows what she must do, what she wants to do, to show me she’s sorry. Her lips surround my swollen throbbing tip and I *** my rock hard shaft deep into her mouth. One hand pulling on her hair the other still holding the chain as my rock hard pulsing cock touches the back of her throat. She gags and can hardly breathe when it slides partly down her throat. Her saliva covers my hard cock and drips from her mouth - she’s taking all of me as deep as she can.

‘Get up - you filthy little slut’ and I position her on the bed still blindfolded.

I take off the nipples clamps roughly and undo one of the cuffs fastening one of her hands to the metal bed head. Tie the chain of the clamps around her other hand and to the other side of the bed head. Her hands now tightly secured, spread wide to the bed head as I position her knees so her beautiful sexy arse is high in the air. Her soft pale arse is really red and beginning to show bruising from the belt spanking. Her breathing is really fast, her body quivering as I roughly position her exactly where I want her.

I’m right behind her on my knees my hands pushing her legs wider apart exposing her ass and pussy - that warm sticky fluid visible

I begin to slap her there again - firmly but not too hard, my fingers become wetter with each slap and she moans and screams a little. The squelching sound of my fingers spanking her pussy, connecting with her throbbing clit, her moaning, her screams.

‘You’re fucking sorry now’ I yell as I spank her pussy faster and harder. ‘I am sorry, honestly I am!’ her voice filled with slight ***, pleasure and some remorse. ‘I don’t think you are!’ I slap her a little harder, she’s getting wetter, her pussy slightly swollen now from the smacks.

I watch my hard cock pulsing and oozing natural lube from my swollen tip as she wriggles and pushes her sexy arse and dripping wet pussy upwards and towards me. I rub that natural lube, leaking from my throbbing swollen tip, against her ass. Pressing my leaking swollen tip against it now, covering it with that natural lube, forcing my shaft slowly inside. It’s so tight around me as I begin to stretch her, pulling her hair as my rock hard cock buries deep in her ass. Little screams and loud moans fill the air as I slam myself over and over, pulling almost all the way out before thrusting deep inside, making sure she feels all of me as the tightness resists a little.

‘Oh God I really am sorry’ she whimpers, I hear the hint of pleasure in her voice though, ‘now don’t you ever be late again will you!’, she turns to look at me, that little grin says it all.....


6 hours ago, Kinkypisces333 said:

Love it! Thanks for all 3 parts 😜

So glad you enjoyed 😉

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