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A special car ride.

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My first attempt so please be gentle 9_9

You have your instructions, to wear the  underwear I had sent you, the pair of your high heels I chose, sheer black stockings and lace suspenders and nothing else except your knee length coat, which is to be fully done up.


You wait outside for me to pick you up by car, as I pull up along side you, lower my window.

“There is something for you on the middle seat in the back, put it on and sit there please.”

You open the door, get in and pick up the leather blindfold that has been laid on the seat, you notice my camera on the dashboard facing you and it’s filming, your heart begins to beat a little faster, your mind starts to wanders as too what...I clear my throat and you back quickly as our eyes meet in the mirror, I smile warmly at you before you settle in the seat and pull the blindfold over your eyes.


The interior of the car begins to fill with the scent of your perfume and I’m immediately taken back to that first time when I stood behind you as you waited for me to inspect you and I slowly leaned in and smell along your neck, below your ear while telling you that for tonight you belonged to me.


“Start with unbuttoning your coat beginning with the top button” I say as I pull away.

Your fingers begin to fumble for the first button, your inner thoughts race, do you go slowly or quickly.

I watch as you follow my order, as you reach the button where your coat begins to naturally fall open revealing your breasts and I catch my first glimpse of bra that is cradling your soft breasts, the material curving around each heaving globe and coming to rest between them, you feel the car slow and I tell you “Now cup each breast and show me how much your body wants this....”


You hands move to each breast as you run your fingers along the black lacy material, the skin beneath tingles with enjoyment. I tell you to stop and hold it there, suddenly you hear the click of the camera on my phone.


The tips of your fingers begin to encircle and caress your nipples through the material, the reaction it causes is as immediate as it is pleasing, they press proudly outwards against each cup, you moan gently as you feel them swell and engorge, just as you take notice of similar feelings rising elsewhere on your body.


Before you are lost in the moment I tell you to continue unbuttoning your coat and open it fully, you do so steadily and with complicity I come to expect from you. 

You feel for both side as you open it fully and lay yourself open fully, blindly but willingly.


The sight of you displayed for my pleasure has me needing to concentrate on my driving almost as hard as the bulge straining against my trousers.

I tell you to dig your heels high into the back of each of the front seats and by doing so you spread your legs wide and slightly bent at the knees and seeing higher up open at the split are the sheer black peephole knickers that accompany the bra and there inside your full ever so glistening lips, slightly parted, waiting and wanted as though pursed to be kissed.


More instructions follow, I tell you to touch yourself but you may not cum. I ask if that’s understood, nodding clearly as your hands begin to stroke both of your inner thighs, from as near to your knees as you can reach, slowly tracing upwards towards the top, leaving a shiver and tingle on the skin as you go.

I want to watch you intently while also trying to drive smoothly, although clearly not as smooth as the softness of your inner thighs.

You reach your waist and a groan escapes  your lips as your hands meet and your fingers begin to slide under the elastic, towards your clit already exposed and full, waited for attention, craving attention, any attention. You fingers dance over it swirling around it, pressing it firmly, teasing it gently.

I feel my seat start to be push forward from the pressure of your legs bracing yourself for the control I’ve demanded from you.


I watch as you push firmly down into the seat and you begin to bite your upper lip, offering me for the first time the sight of your give away tell tale sign that you are consumed with your submission and totally lost in domination as your fingers parts your hungry lips for the first time and you feel the effect I have on you, your fingers slide effortlessly downward till you are at your warm entrance.


“May I?” you ask hopefully, I pause slightly before granting you permission, your eager fingers quickly press your throbbing pussy open and it welcomes your fingers inside like long lost friends.

You moan louder, longer and deeper than the one that previously left your lips and you try to stifle yourself and I watch with dominant pride as you shudder fully at the pleasure you’ve been permitted.


“Now take them out, I want to taste what I can do to you if I allow.”


You slowly withdraw them and blindly offer them forward, I turn my head to meet them and lick hungrily at them, sucking them deeper inside my waiting mouth, savouring the sweet stickiness of you.


I begin braking and pull the car over........


Well done. This was lovely to read.


Hot damn very nice indeed.....is there to be a part 2?

7 hours ago, KentDom6969 said:

Thank you MissLou ☺️

You're welcome 😊 

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