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    When it was time to head out to meet our new friend, hubby gave me a surprise gift.   It was a very pretty pink glass rose attached to a thin velvet ribbon a lovely new necklace.  It was the most beautiful little anal plug I had ever seen.   As he tied it around my neck, It slid down between my breasts resting comfortably with just the pretty rose peeking out.   Now we were ready to head out.   

     When we reached our destination, I was a little flustered as we got out of the car to go inside.  My anxiety was showing and my cowardice almost caused me to leap back into the front seat of the car.  With a gentle prod from my hubby,  we headed inside straight for the bar.  I was excited to the point of being jittery.  My nipples were hard and quite noticeable even through my clothing.  As we approached the bar we noticed a single man sitting there apparently waiting for something.....someone.  As I gave my drink order to the bartender, the stranger reached over to softly touch my elbow.  " I believe I've been waiting for you."  We had met our new friend.

     We three retired to a booth to become better acquainted.   The beginning of a new friendship is always so tentative, but this time seemed different.   Almost immediately  "rules" were being laid out, and wants and needs were being openly discussed.  I was so hot by the time we finished establishing the 'rules' that I needed to use the ladies' room.  When I returned, I was alone with our new friend, and my partner had retired to the bar.  We sat quietly for a moment and then  he gently took me by the elbow and led me to the dance floor.    Dancing is always an aphrodisiac for me, and I needed that right now to calm the butterflies in my stomach.    As we moved against each other slowly, hardly a dance, we sized each other up.  He was quicker than I.  Keeping me close he placed his hands on my bottom.  When I reacted positively, he inched up my skirt so that my bottom would be slightly exposed through the lace panels of my skirt.  I froze momentarily, but he whispered softly in my ear and I relaxed as he stroked my ass gently while we danced.  I could feel myself slowly coming alive.  My nipples were pushing out,  straining to escape the prison of my clothing and as he held me close with one hand on my ass,  he reached beneath my blouse with his other hand and tugged my tank top down to expose my breasts.  This also exposed my new necklace and it caught his eye.    I felt a shiver of delight as he tweaked a nipple, watching my face for my reaction.  I could not stop myself from grinning and when he saw my grin, he grabbed my nipple again and pinched.  HARD.  I gasped in unexpected delight at the strength in his fingers.  He did not let go.  When the song ended,  we stood there, neither of us willing to have the moment end.  As we walked back to our booth he commented on my necklace.  When we sat, he reached for the rose and pulled it out from between my breasts where it had been nestled. I was torn between delight with the hope of sweet ***, and a a slight *** of his expectations.   NOT HERE was all my mind could scream.    Think it may be time to take this party elsewhere....



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