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*** Story during menopause


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I am writing a *** story about a faithful kinky couple with a long history of BDSM.  The woman is going through menopause and has lost most of her sex drive.  To compound the issue, sex is uncomfortable or ***ful even with lubricant.  The husband is a crossdresser with multiple fetishes and a very active sex drive.  After a lot of discussion they try to find a way to do kinky play that incorporates the woman's lack of sex drive and reluctance to do ***ful intercourse.  I thought it would be an interesting story to come up with.  However I am struggling for content because the lack of sex drive precludes active scenes or activities like a long bondage scene.  I am trying to dream up ways to make it simpler (realistic) for the wife to engage with her husband in a way that would be sexually satisfying and not be a chore for the wife.

After a lot of discussion they start out with the wife denying her husband sex "because his cock does not please her."   The husband will try to initiate sex and if she is not in the mood (almost all of the time) she will deny him and humiliate him, telling him that she does not want his pathetic little cock insider her.  it doesn't please her and then she may let him masturbate while she verbally humiliates him for not being able to please her or  allow him to hump her leg or belly while she humiliates him.

I have incorporated a lot of ideas that minimize the participation of the wife.  I will list out several below.  I have run out of steam though.  I would love some other ideas from folks here.  Here are some of the concepts I am including:

  • *** of the cock for size or being limp or cumming too quickly
  • ***d crossdressing because he cannot please her as a man
  • Wearing diapers around the house or even in public under clothes
  • Being a sissy (humiliating) instead of a crossdresser or transgender
  • Only allowed to hump her leg or belly and not allowed inside her because his cock does not please her
  • ***d to masturbate and tell his wife *** ideas. This is form of self-*** requiring very little effort from the wife
  • ***d to masturbate beside his wife while she ignores him
  • Kissing her feet and toes while masturbating as she ignores him
  • ***d to drink her pee in the shower or outside
  • Denied an orgasm but ***d to come find her in the house every hour and masturbate to an edge while she humiliates him or ignores him
  • Inserting a large buttplug and then being humiliated because his penis is limp (This actually happens to me)
  • Cumming into condoms and then ***d to eat the cum while masturbating
  • Humping a dildo while she verbally humiliates him


I would love to have some other ideas of things they can do that will make it very easy for the wife while still fulfilling the the *** kink



  • 4 weeks later...

He is over your lap humping between your thighs while you spank his buttocks, nuts and asshole.
Have him suck a dildo as instructed.

  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you.  It might happen once or twice but It would be a chore for the wife to do very often if there was no sex drive at all.   A good paddling takes a bit of effort.

  • 1 year later...

Is there no one dealing with this in real life?

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