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They had talked about it many times, both knowing eventually their dark fantasy would become something very real. Something they both craved badly, him to see her fully exposed, the slut she really is ready for use. He needed it, craved it, to see her shared, her sexuality allowed complete freedom. He had known the truth of her for some time, and had rejoiced upon realising at last his search was over.  Her, because she truly was a slut, since her first cock always craving more, to be filled. Needing the release that gave, to be what she was, with another who understood,  cared about her, would protect her. She had at times hated herself, been torn between what she thought and what she felt. Her body betraying her mind time after time, as she found herself sodden, with unwanted thoughts of enthusiastically sucking deep the bloke she had briefly just made eye contact with,  needing the feel of cock inside her, her mouth watering as with her cunt at the intrusion of such thoughts. 


Yet over time as they became familiar with each other, trust had become stronger, and the talk for both had become much darker. Feeding off each other's deviance, using it to enhance who they were and what both knew eventually they would become. Yes they had talked of anonymous sex, her fucking strangers, being passed around at his whim, random people at random times, but what she didn't know was tonight that journey was about to begin.


Already in the hotel room for a couple of hours, and as usual the moment the door was closed he had been on her. They had just showered together, recharged a little, he always brought supplies so they didn't need to leave the room. Soon again his fingers though, were touching her, guiding her into restraints, as was his voice, a gentle tone she knew well, one that hid nothing of who he really was, and her cunt dripped. Restrained firmly, exposed, all of her available for use so he could move around her, forcing, taking, how he liked. Using all of her, a three hole slut whose real reason were moments like these. 


Tonight was different though, and she knew it the moment the eye mask was produced, and placed to restrict her vision. Unusual as he usually liked to maintain eye contact when he talked to her, used her, fucked her. At that moment his phone beeped, only once, and she knew Instantly what that meant. The phone, always on silent, without fail, his attention always on her, never anywhere else, and her breath like her heartbeat, began to come faster, and with that instant need,  her sexuality, her deviance physically and emotionally taking control.as her need became overwhelming, and more, her cunt dripped.


Moments later, her hearing far from impaired, heart hammering in her chest, the door opened,  and multiple voices, all male, but unable to make the number. Moments later his voice firm in tone, inches from her ear "you belong to me tramp, you're to please these men as you would me, swallow every drop you are offered and be thankful for it, you will never know them or see them. A slut should know her place, what she is, who she is. I will be here at all times, watching, and later, once they have gone, once you are a used sodden mess, then you of course will need to be punished for being what you are, you dirty fucking worthless whore" and with that he spat in her mouth, turned to face the three men stood watching and smiled.


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