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Going clubbing part 2


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FI followed becky to the car where my wife and her other friend were waiting the entire time I was watching Becky's ass in her tight spandex. Outfit with her tight top and short skirt as well my cock was so hard that is was really visable even through my femskin , catsuit and short skirt !!! I said you know there would be more room if we took my 4 door pickup ?? I thought and I can drive I said I will go get the keys my wife said no need I have them here I am driving !! Shit I went to say shotgun but was beaten to it so becky said looks like it me and you in the back as she grinned and winked because of the lift kit I had help all 3 lady's in the truck they all 3 gave me a kiss on the cheek but they all 3 got to taste the rubber female mask I was wearing .. After I got into the back seat  I sat behind my wife becky slid over and sat next to me about a hour into our 2 hour drive the multipl6layesrs of rubber covering my cock started to make my crotch are sweaty and in need of rearranging and when becky saw what I was doing she was happy to help she lifted my skirt  and undid the crotch of the catsuit and worked my hard sweaty cock out and and stroked it a few times then grabbed my hand and put it on the back of her head and said your in control now I quickly pushed her head down into my lap her going all the way down on me my balls were against her face she gagged and moaned as she sucked on cock and squeezed my balls I took my hand off her head as she sat up and said oh no your not done she sat on my lap facing me and lowered her self onto my cock and started riding me 

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