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Jodie Goes Shopping

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Hi all, I am new here and have recently discovered I like writing "erotica", but actually it is just filth.  A mate on another site asked me to write something about humiliating his wife.  I obliged.  I post it here and would be most grateful for your comments please:

Jodie was having a good day.  Her Sir was pleased with her after last night.  He had told her that in future, apart from using the toilet at home to poo in the morning, all toilets were out of bounds.

Jodie had agreed but said there would be a problem when at work.  Sir thought about this, and agreed that if at work, if she asked by text or call to use the toilet, she could.  The condition being that she had to go in the cubicle, strip naked, and send pics of her tits, then pussy to Sir, then during mid flow, take some pics of her pee going into the loo.  Jodie would learn that her Sir has control of her peeing.

Jodie agreed, but was starting to be concerned, how would she manage without ever using the toilet unless at work.  When you have been conditioned since being a child, to pee in peace, and alone, she even had problems peeing when someone was in the next cubicle.  However, Sir had told her she needed to be trained and that’s what counted.

Jodie left work that following day, having ensured she peed in the loo at work before she left.  She greeted Sir, who asked if she need a pee after the drive home.  Jodie responded with “No”, she went before she left.  Sir was not happy.  She asked why, he told her that whilst you could pee at work, you are not to do so to avoid Sir seeing her pee at home or elsewhere.  Also, you left 30 minutes ago and did not ask Sir for permission to pee.

Jodie agreed that she was not co-operating by the spirit of the rule, and she forgot to ask permission, and that she felt she deserved punishment.  Sir agreed.

The punishment for this evening was that she would drink a pint of water, very quickly.  As the crime was pussy based, she then received 12 sharp spanks with a crop on her pussy.  She was grateful Sir took pity and licked her clitoris better.  It was not over yet though.

Jodie had to drink another pint of water, in double-quick time.  After this, she requested permission to pee.  Sir obviously refused.  Clearly, she was not desperate yet.  By the way Sir told her, when you next ask for permission to pee, I will give you another 12 strokes on your clitoris, then you will have 1 minute to get to the bathroom, standing up, legs wide open, and pulling your pussy lips apart, then you will have precisely 2 minutes to start peeing.  If you do not think you can do that, do not ask for permission.  You will also clean the floor afterwards.

Jodie thought for a while, she knew she wanted a pee, but that meant just by asking permission there would be another 12 strokes on her pussy, then she needed to guarantee she would pee straight after.  She decides not to ask for permission just yet.  She cannot risk failing to pee.

Sir asked her if she need to pee yet.  “No Sir, not just yet Sir” Jodie replied.

As Jodie did not need to pee yet, he told her to go to the local supermarket, a 5-minute drive away. She was to buy a potty, as used by little toddlers and some puppy training pads..  Jodie said, “Yes Sir” and went to the kitchen to find her car keys and wishing she had asked permission to pee.

She was thinking to herself that she could use the customer toilets in the supermarket, and sensing a bit of relief, as it was only 5 minutes away, so within and 7 or 8 minutes she could pee.  Sir will never know.

Jodie returned to the living room to ask Sir’s permission to go shopping.  Sir said, “Of course you may Jodie, hang on a minute, I am coming with you”.

On arrival at the shop, Jodie saw the toilets and was visibly shaking, desperate for a pee.  She asked Sir.  He said no, you should have asked before you came out.

Sir waited at the check-out points and Jodie went into the shop, she was to buy a potty and some puppy training pads.  Just these two items.  She found them quickly and came to the check-out counter, still shaking.  She paid for the items, and rushed to greet Sir, begging again for permission to pee in the shop’s toilet.

Sir again refused, telling her she will learn and when to pee.

They reached the car, and Jodie was begging and pleading with Sir to pee.  Her legs were moving up and down in desperation.

Sir told her that she could now pee.  Jodie said, “Thank you Sir, can I go back to the shop please Sir?” 

Sir looked at Jodie and told her directly, she was to pee where she was standing, next to the car.  Even though other shoppers could see them, she would turn around to face Sir, and pee.

Jodie turned to face Sir and saw people in the car park moving around, she knew they could see her, but she was so desperate, she started to pee.  Not just a trickle at first, it just gushed straight from the beginning.  The floor was soaked, she looked around whilst she was peeing and saw people looking at her, but she could not stop.  She noticed people were looking at her, some turned their heads to look at her probably due to the sound of her pee hitting the floor.  Her face went bright red, Sir was smiling.

At last finished and begged Sir to drive her back home.

Sir told her she was not getting in the car in that state, she would have to walk, should only take 15 minutes.  He told her not to be late.

Jodie was upset, but understood that she had been a bad girl, and this would help her learn.

Just before he got in the car, he told her that when she returned, she was owed 12 strokes on the clitoris, as Sir could not administer them before she just peed.  “Now, hurry up home with that shopping” he said.

Jodie managed to get home on time, she sensed if she was late there would be further punishment).   She presented the potty to Sir, who told her to put it next to the toilet in the bathroom, then return.

Jodie wondered why Sir wanted her to buy a potty.  She would find out later……


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