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Contemplating new experiment session..


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I would say to begin, I see this as a chance to see what it's like to be in a place you're not controlled by time while having sex.(for the Sub).. . It would have to be planned, for at least a 4 days or longer vacation for both the Dom and Sub in this scenario.. in a room(a lot of space) or even almost the entire house with the exception of 3 rooms.(kitchen, a bedroom and the front door areas) Also if you can make it so no light shines through any of the rooms and have a constant dem-light(colored red or purple or green) in the areas that are free to roam for the Sub. No clocks.. except the Dom's. and the light never turns off..jus that dem glow of the room 24/7 till it's over. The Dom must take care of the Sub but not follow a timed meal plan but rather when the Sub says that they are hungry, have ready meals. Sleeps when the Sub wants. Try not to bother . ..try. .. Subs need rest. Let time drift away for the next 4 days not knowing, but living in a feeling of would be eternity of being fucked and roped endlessly, just forgetting that constraints of time. A nice mindfuck before you have to be at work again. But the Sub will remember what it was like for the rest of their life. Record it so both of you could relive it in the "timed world" later on. A little concept of a experimental session.
Have done something similar over a 24hr period. It was amazing ut care needed on latter stages as sub began to panic

it's something which sounds wonderful on paper - but does bring up a lot of considerations

The idea of eating when hungry is great - but - often when caught up in play you tend to not realise you are hungry.  Until it gets a bit late and everything starts to crash at once.

Same a little bit for sleep.  And sleep is likely to be disturbed and restless if you don't have a concept of time or *** you're missing out on play 

It's important to have at least a loose structure because otherwise - scenes get done without enough sleep, or without enough food and that adds to the risk of everything from making a mistake to feinting - or - simply not getting the most enjoyment from it.

Then when you come out the other side, as well as any form of other drop - bodies are having to cope with days of not having enough food or sleep, or sleeping at odd times - getting back to normal is going to be a Hell.

That's not to say this isn't a plan worth pursuing - and - absolutely - time is one of the biggest restraints on all of us - but there needs to be some form of (even loosely) scheduled breaks to get through


I have experienced something like this.

I was "held captive" for three days in a dungeon. My "captor" kept me chained, no light other a bare lightbulb... no windows.

It was exhilarating but I did lose track of time. He left me to sleep at night so I had a rough idea of time but it was very disorientating and took a couple of days to readjust.

Aftercare during that time period, and after, is really really important here too and I wouldnt suggest doing this with someone new. 

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Aftercare.   Really important after this heavy a session.  Had something similar, particularly the lost track of time a few years back in Bristol.  Very very memorable experience.  Would love to repeat!

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This is somewhat similar to keeping a sub hooded.  Minutes can seem like hours.  If done properly, the sub will fall into a deeply meditative state.  The only sensations are that of bondage, and the aroma of their favorite fetish material.  Though much shorter (maybe 10 to 30 minutes) the experience can seem far longer.  And yes, aftercare is very important.  Their internal body clock will be completely thrown-off, and they will need some time to "return to earth".  Plus, the sub will likely wish to share their experience.

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