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Holiday Balcony Sex

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I couldn't believe we were doing this. We were so exposed. He'd gently encouraged me through the window curtains and onto the open balcony. All the while kissing me and stroking my body. He tasted amazing and I was so turned on by my new holiday find.
I could feel the cool breeze of the summer midnight air caress and sooth my hot skin.
He turned me to face the world. We were both naked, but I was the star on show. My hands gripped onto the balcony railings tightly as he bent me over aggressively. He grabbed my hair to assert control whilst his other hand grabbed my waist and stroked my smooth ass in the moonlight. Suddenly, slowly I could feel him penetrating me, it was so slow and so filling I wish I could hold that moment in constant memory. His pulsing cock thrusting deeply inside me.
I moaned like a hungry whore.
He increased his rhythm and began to fuck me. I observed all the balconies on the building opposite. Most people were just sitting facing away, but some, some faces had started to turn, they'd heard my moans, and they liked what they saw.
One man was standing by his bed, cock in hand through the open curtains, stroking hard as he stared across at us.
All those eyes. All those salivating mouths. All those men and women with a warm growing feeling between their legs as they watched my breasts bounce as I was firmly fucked by this handsome young man I'd just met.
"Harder!" I begged.
He pulled my hair and my back arched. He pulled himself deeper into me. Slapping my ass with his body as he brutally fucked me. I continued to moan and beg him not to stop. As I watched people cheer and clap from the opposite building. I was putting on the show of my life and it felt amazing. My pussy was so wet I practically came as soon as he entered me, but now I was so aroused I was soaking his cock. His words I couldn't even understand for they were foreign to me, but I could tell he was barking orders, calling me the dirtiest names he could think of, and I just replied "Yes", because I knew deep down I was all of them. I was a hungry little whore, both for his pleasuring cock, and for all the delicious attention I was getting.
A knock at the door. Can't stop. Can't stop feeling this good. I turned my head and saw a maid enter. She looked shocked to see us and what we were doing out on the balcony. Shocked, but she didn't leave. She just stood there staring as he pounded into me. I could feel the cum was raging in his balls as his cock began to pulse further and harder and his thrusts became deeper and more frequent. His roar became louder and those who hadn't noticed us certainly did now.
I heard the maid gasp, which only turned me on more. I had to put on a show for my audience, as I felt this beast of a man was getting close. So I turned, smiling, got on my knees and took his hard wet cock in my mouth.

"Dirty English whore wants cum?" he rasped.

"Mmm," I replied, lost in my slutty moment.
Tasting all my juices I sucked and stroked his cock like a dirty little whore until he exploded a huge load of cum in my mouth. He groaned and growled like a defeated monster slain by a sword. I didn't stop sucking, I just swallowed his plentiful gift as he pulled my hair and directed me deeper into his spasming cock. My lips so deep on his wet shaft. The maid, who by now was against a wall playing with her own pussy, had locked eyes with me and was visibly hungry for more.
The clapping got louder, as did the cheering, and we both smiled and waved before returning inside. It was definitely time for a night shower...
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