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She Waits for Me pt 2

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So there she is. 

Wrists fastened to the wall above.  Bent over with her back beautifully arched.  Her cunt stands bare before me.  Small and innocent.  Her clit protrudes and throbs as I slide my finger around her pussy lips.  My patience has worn thin.  I unbuckle my belt and drop my trousers.  My cock is pulsing with excitement.  It resembles my carnal desire for prey.  A long and wide, veiny, relentless beast.  I measure around eight inches when erect.  To penetrate her properly has proven to be difficult and has been the source of many tears for her.  

I aggressively approach her from behind spreading apart her cheeks.  The sound her tiny hole makes excites me as I hear her wetness.  I notice her cute little asshole looking just as inviting.  I put one hand around the back of her neck holding her tight.  With my other hand I grab the root of my dick and press the head of my member on the tight opening of her cunt.  She let's out a loud cry and I ***fully grip her neck and say "be quiet slave.  Looks like I was wrong to let you have a voice".  I retreat to my trunk and fetch a ball gag.  I fasten it to her face enjoying the stifled moans that elicite from her mouth.  I return behind her and once again *** the end of my cock against her tight cunt hole.  She let's out a loud squeal after I apply much *** and my head pops inside her.  Her pussy clamps around the head of my member.  I let go of my cock and I clasp both hands around her delicate neck.  Depriving her of much needed air. 

With every thrust of my hips, I feel the soft but tight wet walls of her cunt giving me much resistance.  I pull out and find the end of my cock covered in her wetness.  She tries to speak but is hindered by the ball gag. 

"What is that slave, you want me to try and again?" I can hear the pathetic sounds of her protest as I once again ***fully penetrate her tight hole.  Her cry this time is earth shattering.  It only sought to bring me further pleasure using my slave's cunt this way.

The head of my cock penetrates her a little easier this time, I manage to slide it in a further inch, which makes her hips jolt and flinch.  I love watching how she squirms.  She tilts her head around, I see her face covered with tears and running make up.  I grab a fist full of her hair, yanking hard as I thrust into her.  Still not managing to fill her cunt more than a couple of inches. 

With every ***ful thrust she let's out a consequential grunt, stifled by the ball gag. I see her cute bum hole enticing me.  So as my cock is attempting to penetrate my slave further.  I push my finger against her tight little ass.  This causes her to violently squirm.  I put an end to her resistance by choking her neck with one hand and gently whispering into her ear "do I need to punish you slave?".  She immediately attempts to settle down.  I can feel my balls tighten and my cock throb inside her.  I know it wont be long now.  "Stay still slave, I'm going to breed your little cunt" she let's out a muffled "yes master, thank you".  

I hold on to her hips tight and pick her up so that her legs are dangling either side of me.  My carnal rage kicks in as I violently thrust into her small ***d cunt.  With every thrust, her cries become more soaked in ***.  The hot, tight, wet feeling on my cock is almost too much to bear.  It feels as if her pussy is trying to suck the cum out of me.  I dig my hands into her hips, tightly holding onto her desecrated flesh.  With one final thrust with as much *** as possible, my cock pushes in another inch.  She bucks and jolts around letting out a long sharp cry.  I cannot resist any further.  I feel my cock pulsating hard as my balls pump cum deep into that tight wet cunt.  With each pulse she flinches accompanied by her withering cries.  As I ejaculate into her, I feel her poor little cunt throbbing around my cock.  I hold her there, her legs dangling either side of me, until every drop is in her. 

Her breathing is frightful.  The trembling in her body is noticeable as I continue to hold her there.  I pull out slowly. As my cock exists her cunt I see her defeated pussy dribble with my cum.  It travels down her her shaking thighs.  I can see her legs are giving way.  She is held up only by the restraints.  Pleased with my work I leave her there to pant and quietly whimper.  In the living room I noticed my phone has a new text notification.  

"Sorry I'm late, enjoying the slave without me?"

I smirk as I reply "At least I got the wine you wanted". 

After a moment I recieve another reply "I'm on my way, please clean her up for when I arrive - Lady D".

I call into the bedroom "guess who's coming over after all?"

Lady D and I found this slave together and usually I don't like to share.  She's different however. 

Looks like I shall actually be waiting for her. 

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