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Serious and honest advice needed Part 1...

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Needs a lot of background info and explaining. I have to make a decision between 2 options...one of which involves a made up Fantasy story that I came across a long time ago..what I thought would never in a million years be possible..or so I thought...until now.!.. So please bear with me...honest feedback would mean so much to me. So here goes...

Over the last 25 or so years I have been involved with a very secretive agency..involving escorting wealthy young women to anything from x to xxx rated private events all over Europe and beyond..if you have checked me out and my topics/posts..there is a topic which I posted which is connected with this and how I got involved.! I am not that old, but have reached the age that the agency has set a limit on the acceptable age for an escort.

As a thank you from all the women that I had the privilege to Escort and got to know..76..maybe one more..but unless she is very insistent that I escort her to a private venue not too far from where I live.. and a first for me in England... I will still have 76 amazing events to which I Escorted women to.. and memories that will stay embedded in my mind forever.  All the women have at some stage in their life been abused, cheated on, even branded and have a hatred of males. I cannot think of a better or more appropriate word...but some form of payback for what they have been through is what has brought them all together.. these are the women I have been involved with for a number of years... seen it all.. never been apart... witnessed some of the most extreme punishments inflicted on willing males. But at the same time they are so understanding, caring, and can make fantasies come true... what this is leading to is this...  

At a young age, I used to make a detour from school, quite often skiving off early to pay a visit to a sex shop by London Bridge.... They had a huge selection of illustrated books, magazines etc... I bought a softback edition of a collection of maybe about 6 or 7 short made up fantasies... One of which is and always was an ultimate fantasy.  This fantasy has developed into an overwhelming desire to find out what it is like to live the life of a devoted female sub who cannot stop playing with herself! She is forced to wear a very special chastity belt incorporated within a corset that she can never remove on her own! You know where this is heading. All the women who I have escorted or got to know...know about this fantasy of mine...they have all read the story! I have to underline that this fantasy is a story made up by most probably by an individual who was born too early to realise what effect it could have on a persons imagination. As a thank you..I was invited to a private party in Iceland as a thank you for my "services"... I was led to believe it was not just for me... was I wrong... I thought I knew these women. I spent 2 or 3 hours in a very excitable but helpless situation.  Iceland...cold and still helpless,  I was given 2 choices, to experience what it is like to be treated as a male servant, punished for the slightest mistake.  They were honest enough to admit that whenever a session starts, their hatred of males takes over and quite often go beyond the agreed boundaries agreed by willing males. That is one option.

I know enough to realise there is a difference between pleasurable pain and real pain! My fantasy is what I cannot stop thinking about...I am constantly excited about the possibility. This is what is on offer, but there is one condition.. before I come onto that, I tried for ages for as long as I can remember to find someone who could make the item as illustrated within the pages of the story. Everyone was honest enough to admit that they did not have the skills to make such a complicated item, let alone have the skills to work with and combine metal work with corsetry!  Some of the women I have escorted..well most of them have very close contact with a woman who owns and runs a small group of Artisan workshops on the outskirts of a forest in Germany..specialists in metal work...mould making...fabricating...corsetry....all made by young women for only women...Part 2 to follow 

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