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First time bottoming

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Tell me about your first time taking cock in the ass. 


Mine was by a hung latino trans woman. She had this huge uncut 8 and half inch monster. She was beautiful and very passable. I sucked her dick for a good bit until she laid me down on my stomach. She rimmed me at first. Worked a finger in then lubed it up and got 3 in. Then she slowly stuck her giant head into my ass. Real slow and gentle. And very slowly worked it back and fourth. I remember it hurt but also felt amazing at the same time. She took it slow until I was opened up. She gave me poppers so I was rather relaxed. But before I knew it she was straight pounding my asshole and I was asking for her to do it harder. Her cock pounded the inside of my asshole and with each thrust it felt better and better. Then all of the sudden without even touching my cock I blew the most intense orgasm of my life. It shook my whole body. She kept going butt fucking me until she blew her load. It was amazing and Im so glad I did it. I loved being her bitch.

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We prefer to use the term trans woman, as opposed to shemale :)

Yeah it was awesome. 

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It was. I need to do that again soon

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