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FWB question


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So I had a FWB/cuddle buddy relationship. She told me that 3 days in she had caught feelings. I had segregated the whole ordeal because I am moving in the middle of May. My question is that she now says that what is the big deal weather her feelings are squashed now or the middle of May. My *** is that feelings are going to be alot stronger on her side and she is going to be hard to say no to. If I say no now, as much as the seratonin hit will suck, it will be much easier for all involved.

Yeah I would leave her alone bro especially if that's a flag for you.
Ive had to end a fwb situation because of this, once he told me everything seemed different.
While i didnt know all was normal, after he told me he got more flirty/wanting like as though now trying to persuade me as i knew.
I had to end it within a few weeks as i knew there was nothing there on my side and not fair on him to continue.
Only you can decide the best thing to do for you - but if the "feelings" aren't mutual then yes ending it now would be the best, and kindest, thing to do.
Prolonging it till the inevitable happens when you move away would be both unkind and kind of selfish in some ways.
The deal is how much YOU care about HER feelings. She’s obviously willing to put herself through it emotionally because of how she feels about you, as said above, if you don’t feel the same, it seems very selfish to *** that and ‘use’ her… because that’s technically what you’d be doing 🤷🏻‍♀️
This is a tricky one. As people said above, it is about how you wish to deal with this...

3 days in??
Have you known her before this? Was she a previous friend who you have gotten involved with?
Is she a random you met online / in a bar and worked on an agreement?

The length of time and any previous involvement would always be a factor for me personally when making these decisions.
If a random in a bar and its been 3 days, Id imagine it would be safe to assume that it is just overwhelming emotionally and the raw fun and sex stuff has ignited something in her, perhaps infatuation is taking place, which can mellow or dissolve over time.
This is something I would stay involved with but speak about boundaries, even if just to make her aware theyre still the same, every week so nothing gets mixed up.

However IF she is a friend or someone known well to you previous, and then you got involved... it could be shes always liked you and now you have a "thing" shes opening up. That everything has came up 100x stronger for her and chances are it will only keep developing.
In this instance I would break away but I would say why.... only IF you dont have mutual feelings for her.

Also if not moving all that far what about something LDR? Perhaps also open? So you can both stay in touch, have a thing and online always helps?
A lot of questions, a lot of answers but only you know them.
But definately speak to her and be honest no matter what way you decide to go.

We al have different out comes with fwbs.

Iv had good and bad.

1 were it went that bad after it was over that the police nearly had to be involved.

Another I had years ago that I'm still freinds with and we chat weekly . He  started having medical problems sort of the same as me so came to ask advice. Now we check up on each other an talk about medical stuff. 


Then there's the most important fwb ever in my life. We hooked up years ago. Then few years back go in touch again.  We were totally platonic for months. We'd just go for coffee and chat about how things were going in our lives.


I spent the night at his 1 night I was extremely drunk. He was the perfect gentleman. Gave me something to sleep in we sat talking for hours and that was it. Nothing happened at all. When I say the perfect gentleman he was.

Then we became fwb  for a while then we didn't see each other for a while I had family stuff . We spoke every day . Then 1 day he said he couldn't do fwb . So I said I understood and if he needed a freind I'd be there. He said no I want us to date not be wfb.

We've been together a while now. He's also my master . But he's more than that he's been my rock 

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Some people can hurt themselves. If you know you'll hurt her, and don't want to live with that, don't want to be responsible for it, end it now. Don't allow your boundaries to be crossed.
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