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My 2nd ***d bi Session - ideas required.


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Command 1: Lick his shoes 
Command 2: Remove socks & lick his feets
Command 3: Put his dirty socks in mouth
& then under your heels push my nose in his stinky shoes, give few slaps on my ass.  

Command 4: Sniff his Bulge, Kiss, Rub face on it & make it hard.

Command 5: If u want his cock, On knees close to his ass then remove his panty with mouth & start licking his asshole. 
Once Hold my hairs & tounge out, drag me on his crack up to down to teach.
& then ask other slave is m doing good/bad? 

Command 6: Lay down on my back, Other slave sit on my face & punish me with breath control. 
Tell me to rim his ass by tounge if I wanna breath.  

Command 7: 
Namaskar too is cock & pray for his load.
Kiss his balls - Lick his balls & around.
Kiss his cock - Lick his Cock - Suck it.

Command 8:
Collect his Cum in glass/floor eat it or sniff it then Facial.
wipe it with your panties/bra.

Sounds like you have plenty of ideas already and am sure your dominant will have ideas of their own.
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After 3 ***d bi sessions today i searched "activities to do in ***d bi session" & found my own post on top in Google 😅

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