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Triads and hierarchy?


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To clarify, I am not saying that it is bad or good. It isn't what we're looking for; however, I was hoping to hear some thoughts on hierarchical triads and other people's experiences. Do they work? Are they closed or open? Are you in one? Did you leave because it didn't work or something else?

Just looking for some friendly conversation. 🥰
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Hi - happy to take this offline for more detail, but they can be open or closed and can work very well. In any event, I'd recommend counselling first, to see if it's a good fit for you both. There's a good 101 at sdrelationshipplace*, if you haven't seen it already. Good luck!

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It depends on the people involved. Some people enjoy the hierarchy. And how that looks will be based on those people and it really is all of a conversation, there are no rules to this outside of the rules of the individuals create for themselves. There are so many questions in your post, but ultimately like everything it comes down to communication and every situation is entirely different. A lot of subs or thirds arent interested in being higher of the scale with that couple. It’s very common everybody will be poly anyway and have itches they scratch elsewhere. Equally having a third as a couple is not the same as being a thrupple. There tends to not be a hierarchy when it comes to Thruples.
I agree with both comments. As part of D/s/s throuple. Communication is the key and being open to listening to each others needs and wants.. also happy to take this offline.
Yeah I do not do hierarchy ktp all day. Now if the table makes a vote and I'm out voted yes that stands. But I also have a large polycule
Wow . Being new to this scene (with desires) I have a lot to learn!
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