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A Memorable Day


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Not a great massive thing but it was great fun!
In short, I was friends with a girl who wanted belting quite a lot. One day during a field trip, I belted her quite hard whilst in the Welsh mountains. She had spotted someone watching our session and orgasmed hard, squirting for the first time in her life.

On the way home, she wanted to squirt again and asked me, if I could do it for her, to do it again now.

Thinking that it wasn’t the belting and my fingers themselves, I stopped on top of a motorway bridge, took her by her hair to the railing, pulled open her dress and began to induce an orgasm, hopefully causing her to squirt. It didn’t take more than a minute before she was gushing onto the traffic below, to loud honks from truckers. I don’t know what was louder, the honking, or her screams.
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