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Looking for THE place


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Hi everybody!

My Master and I are looking for a theatre of submission and taming. 

I explain: we have red a Bdsm book where the Dom takes his sub to a place,

it's a circular room, people (doms and subs ) are gathering around what looks like a pole dance bar.

One by one, the masters takes the slave in the center and bind her at the bar (by several ways, he do it as his will) and begin to tame the girl.

Some are quite disciplined (like soldierlike) , others ones are savages and unsubordinated.

Few of the Masters are just watching, some are practicing.

So, here what we are looking for : a BDSM place where people like us gather and where My Master can tame me in public.

We are from Belgium but we coukd travel if there ain't no place near us. 

Do someone know a place like this ? please share and don't hesitate !

There are quite a lot of options, just hit google or search the EVENTS section of this site. There is also a "newbies and veterans" munch, next week, where you may meet like minded people. https://www.fetish.com/uk/greater+london/london/events/bdsm-fetish-parties/newbies-veterans-munch/1980 I also believe there are several swingers bars in Bruxelles, but I've not been to one, so cannot offer any review or opinion.... maybe a little tame or too relaxed?
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