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Restful Slumber 

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As I lay awake, next to my protector, I toss and turn. 

Waking you from a restful slumber,

You inquire about my state of mind, 

I can’t sleep, my mind is racing, my heart is dark, the voices inside are talking abound. 

You hold me, but sleep doesn’t come. 

Your strong hands gently feel my soft silky skin, down my torso, feeling the pooled warmth between my thighs. 

Slowing feeling the sensitive nub, 

You push your fingers inside, watching my eyes lull back to sleep. 

Slowly, gently, rocking back and forth, listening to my breathing slow, easing my darkness.

Retreating your hands from my core, I whimper a little, needing you to continue. 

Shushing my pleas, 

Gently spreading my legs, as you move between them. 

Seeing your little nymph falling back, feeling my body relax, 

Your comforting energy flowing through me, as you insert your hardened cock into me. Thrusting deeper, slower, until my body eases back to a restful slumber. 

Smiling as you drain your seed inside me. 

Kissing my forehead, my neck, and licking my salty sweet skin. 

My protector, my lead, my love, taking me to places of sweet dreams and naughty actions. 

And back to restful slumber. 

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