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      My wife and I decided to say the hell with it we are leaving for a weekend !! So we loaded some kinky outfits and scuba gear and a couple kinky dive equipment also !!

         We arrived at our destination a few hours later and got us a suite on the top floor then loaded our stuff on a cart and made our way to the room but I noticed a few people looking as we went by and a few smiles appeared seeing the scuba gear I figured possible new play buddies maybe !! Our goal was to have as much fun as we could before we go home to start harvest !! 

             As soon as we are in our room we get comfy we both slip into a pair of wetlook black leggings and a t shirt !! We need ice and the ice machine is a floor below us so I grab the bucket and head down to it not thinking about what I am wearing then I realize it and figure fuck if !! I have the ice and the elevator door opens oh joy 3 guys are standing there !! I get on the elevator and one of them says nice leggings I have a couple pair like them then another says yeah I love the slick look !! Then the third one just says so you straight or what !! To which I smiled and said or what they chuckled I said I am Bi !! We got off elevator and they had the room next to us the suites slept 4 people we talked some more they said my wife was pretty and asked if she allowed me to have guy time if I wanted it to which the door opened and my wife stuck her head out and said yes he can come out to play !! We laughed and the guys said well we need a fourth for a dive at about 10 am  she replied well boys I will have him ready to go play in the water !!! But now he is my bitch so good evening and she pulled me in the door I said later guys !! Oh is this a dive dive or a fun dive ?? One winked and said where something you can have fun in and get messy !! I said fuck yes see you in the AM !! 

             So who were your friends I said fucked if I know don't even know there names !! She reached down grabbed my hard cock and said well I see you like them !! I gasped and said oh yeah !! Tonite is ours to get out kinky fuck on !!! I saw a rubber out fit laid out I said is that for me Jerry said get dressed bitch !!! Jerry went in the other room but said be ready when I get back !! I heard our door open then close I undressed pulled the pink catsuit up to my waist getting the air out of the socks and worked up to my waist then got my cock into the sheath then got my hands in the gloves and worked the air up then pulled the hood over my head got it in place then zipped it close sealing myself in !!  Then I put the black rubber thong with a sheath also I thought double sheathed I am in for a long nite oh yeah then slipped the black rubber bra with 38 DDs on then the black rubber eye and mouth hole hood on and then the black rubber thigh high stockings on them slipped on the pink high heel shoes and then the pink gas mask with mirrored visor then I heard our door open and close and Jerry said you ready I called out a muffled yes we'll I am waiting !! I opened the door and stepped into the living room and there sat Jerry with my 3 new buddy's who were staring with open mouths !! Jerry laughed and said dam you guys never seen a guy encased in rubber with perky tits and a hard cock they shook there heads no !!! I walked over sat by my wife and crossed my legs then Jerry said uncross those legs let them stair lol !!! So I did and spread my legs wide !!  Jerry said way they touch if they want baby I pushed my waist forward tilted my head back and said oh yeah !! The thought of that made me tingle all over and start breathing hard !!  Then Jerri started stroking me and pinching my thighs !! Jerry said don't be shy boys they all just watched her with me they all agreed they didn't want to do anything in front of her and besides it was late and they would have there chance at me in the morning !! And I was her sexy kinky bitch tonite !! But they didn't mind watching if we didn't care !! To which we replied feel free to watch !!! Jerry tossed 3 cock and ball sheaths to them and said there is a cleaning deposit on these rooms no cum stains on the furniture !! They pulled down there leggings and slipped them on as we watched  I thought oh yeah nice cocks boys !!! Jerry slid her hand over the intake of mask and said you like what you see bitch I moaned and shook my head yes !! 

          Jerry stood and unzipped the crotch of her leggings and turned and slid down on my cock facing away then she said come hear you three and she said you Infront of me you 2 1 on each side as she took the middle one in her mouth while stroking the other 2 one with each hand oh my god how kinky and erotic we all 5 cum pretty much at same time they slowly made it back to there her and I just collapsed right there !! I got up and showered and picked out my dive gear but that's the next story !!!

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