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E-Stim, more pain than stimulation, what do you think?

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Well, what do you know, time on my hands and a bit of horny breakfast browsing led to another quality amazon purchasing decision - last one was the ass anchor which was a lot like hard work!
This time, how about a bit of electrical stimulation - what can possible go wrong, so a special kit of electro but plug and strange cock sheath were soon on their way.
Fortunately they arrived just in time to add some colour to an otherwise dull dose of F1, so on with the show.
After the strange lacing of the sheath and realisation that my Chinese does not stretch to these instructions, said device was placed on worried cock - big cock might have been better, but this was the wrong kind of fear.


More OW!

Extra lube should disipate this I gleaned from said instructions, either that or it was suggesting cleaning the windows?

More diffuse OW!

This is pain, I don't do pain, certainly not without someone else driving.

So the next time (Ha HA) I want to experience this, I shall just stab myself in the cock and cut out the middle member.

Oh, I did consider the butt plug as the tingling was les pronounced (though still unpleasant) round there. Fortunately though again šŸ¤£

Will I learn? I doubt it, 54 years and still exploring. What next?Ā 



Have you tried it?


What did you think?



I have used an e-stim a few times and had a lot of fun

But - this is electrics FFS - don't buy a cheap kit from China, as you are going to have a bad time (especially in not being able to read instructions)

a decent kit bought in the UK : possibly even discussing with the seller how to get the most out of it makes the world of difference.


A couple of favourite experiences of mine was with a creative Domme friend - there was a scene she did with me which turned me into a human vibrator (she sat on my face, turned up the electric on my cock, which made me moan more - so on) and also she set up the kit with two subs using the microphone - she then caned one of the subs, the louder he screamed, the bigger the zap the other would get.Ā  Ā A definite lesson in keeping quiet.

There's a site called Milovana that does a few e-stim "teases", they start with calibration though, so maybe you want something like that to guide you. I'm not got one so can't suggest more than that though.
Worried cock! Hahahaha. Personally I like a violet wand!
Hahaha! 54 and still making bad decisions.

Me, too! šŸ˜¹

I have a tens unit in my shopping cart. I havenā€™t pulled the trigger yet.
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