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VEGAN - is it healthy? - what is it exactly?

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🌈What is vegansim: this is a lifestyle one leads that includes NO ANIMAL PRODUCT at all in thier food. Meaning: if it comes from an animal...you don't eat it.  News, research and more resources have claimed vegansim as one of the most healthiest longevity lifestyles you can lead to be free of diseases, cancers, chronic and acute illnesses. I have been living this lifestyle for 6+ years now and would never return to eating animal. Everyone has their own opinions and what works for some may not work for others. Please don't be rude while everyone has different circumstances why and why they cannot live this type of lifestyle. I used to weigh 201lbs. After paramedic and accelerated nursing school I taught myself a lot...more than the the average peraon does in thier lifetime. My xholeaterol, luetinizing hormone, tri-glyceridea and more where out of wack. I was having heart palpatations, out of breath, and so much more. I read labels, called companies and made a conscious awesome effort to change and I did...over night. The #1 question I am always asked by those who are not vegans is:

"what do you eat"?

Have a look below. I have a few current food pics in my profile and more upon request. Ask me questions, concerns and more... message me if u like...I want to thank all of you who have ready this and participated in this discussion.🌈

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I've followed this life style for almost 12 years now and find it easy, I was vegetarian from the age of 14, Im now 49 and I have yet to come across any problems. 

I did find alcohol a bit of an issue for a while til I discovered Barnivore.  :)

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