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Inbox indicator icons


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Was just curious as to what the different icons mean next to the profile picture in the inbox. 
Red and green dots are pretty easy to figure out but I don’t know what green message bubble means? Any suggestions or help would be great! 


Hopefully this will help 😊

  • Red Dot -  Member is offline or possibly on invisible mode (invisible mode is only available to upgraded members)
  • Green Dot - Member is currently online 
  • Green Bubble - Member is using the chatroom
  • Eye with a strike through - Member has hidden your message
  • Rubbish Bin - Member has deleted your message
  • Crown - represents a VIP member
  • Star - represents a Premium member
  • One tick -  your message has been sent
  • Two ticks -  your message has been read however this option is only available to upgraded members. 
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How about the (!)?
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