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She was expecting him so the door was unlocked. She'd had a crazy day at work and just wanted to relax... She found herself running around like a crazy woman trying to make dinner after she'd showered while getting ready at the same time....
She'd gotten as far as putting her makeup on... not too much...
She'd put on his favorite crotchless bodystocking. She knew how much he loved to rip them off. He knew how much she loved having them ripped off of her. She felt her cunt quiver. Her clit throbbed a bit. She grabbed her wine glass and headed for her bedroom.
She was wondering were He was. He's usually here by now.
She grabbed the wine bottle and filled her glass. Grabbed her cell and called him... voicemail....she'd not left a message.
She popped on her sexy orange dress. It was His favorite dress of hers, she also wore her highest stilettoes; you guessed it, His favorite.
She was feeling yummiee.... The days stressors were melting away.
Out to the living room she went.
She turned up the music and began to dance.
Suddenly she was pushed over the back of her sofa. Not all the way, just her top half..... She never saw or heard who it was. Chris??? No response.
Whomever it was, he had both her hands behind her. She felt the cold steel of the handcuffs wrap around her wrists. He spread her legs apart and she felt his fingers playing with her clit after checking to see how wet she was. She tried to stand up.... but was denied.
He grabbed a fistful of her hair at the nape of her neck and pushed her head harder against the seat part of the couch.
"Babe... Just lemme know its you, please.".... He said nothing
but she did hear him moan as he began slapping her clit.
Her legs spread further of their own accord.
He slapped her ass hard, then did it again..
He caught her off guard
After the second slap of her ass
He entered her with his entirety.
She gasped, as did he.
She remained still bent over the sofa, head down, ass up.
He continued balls deep into her. He loved the way her cunt felt like a wet, warm, velvet, homecoming for his cock.
He waited till she moaned again
" Do you like it?"
"Tell me how much you like it. Tell me how much you need it."
"I fucking love it. I need it sooo badly.
He fucked her till she could barely string a sentence together.
When he was about to cum, he asked her..."What should I do with this cum?"
"I want every fucking drop, please."
" Oh and you shall get it all my dear"
With one swift, fluid motion he pulled her up, head and all, off the sofa; in the same movement he had her down on her knees in front of his rock hard, throbbing cock.
She immediately opened her mouth and took all of him into her greedy mouth and throat.
She loved cock. Everything about it.
She continued to engulph his cock completely . She was playing with his balls with one hand, the other stroked his shaft a little while she fed herself his cock. She massaged him with her throat. She felt his balls tighten...... He came and she did get every single drop.
That was fucking hot.
Fuck yeah it was.
So... I'm your new neighbor. I walked into your place by accident.
From now on it'll be on purpose.
She walked up and leaned in to kiss him.
Fuck, she still loved that hesitation just before a first kiss.
Usually she'd have done this the other way as in kissing first.
She thought that so much could be told from the way you kiss, are kissed.
She thought it a pretty good predictor of future and more intimate endeavors.
She giggled to herself
not about the kiss
but how happy she felt at that very moment.
"So.... you hungry? Dinner's on.."

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