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2 Rubber Frogmen Get Caught while Playing


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              It all started out as any other kinky scuba dive and cum party lol !! My long time kinky dive buddy and I seeing who could be the kinkiest and keep the other hand and cumming the longest with just the visual of what we were wearing !! He did a good job with his very tight 1 piece rubber wetsuit with zippered crotch exposing his sheathed cock he also had hood gloves and full face mask and long fins and dual hose dual tank setup !! But he couldn't outdo me lol !! 

                   I wore a neon pink rubber smooth skin with zippered pouch holding back my sheathed cock and balls and anal sheath !!! It had attached hood boots and gloves !! I rolled up a couple t shirts and made myself small but tight tits !! Then my pink flippers pink full face cressi mask and my rebreather !!! I looked up after tightening my straps on my fins he was rubbing his crotch saying you won !!! We were diving in a spring fed quarry pond very clear but not cold like most so perfect diving and fucking place !!! I swam along under him staring up at how his suit showed his cock and how it moved as he kicked along with his legs !! It turned me a lot !!! I mean a lot !!! He noticed me staring at him so he stopped and I swam past him then he took on the role of predictor !! He said watching me swim along and leave no bubbles as I breathed reminded him of a ghost diver except for the bright pink wetsuit !! Lol !! 

                      We took a moment to do a gear check lol he unzipped his suit and I did as well we were floating there rubbing on each other and I was stroking my cock while he was playing with my ass and finger my sheathed ass !!! He removed his full face mask and slipped on a regular dive mask and used his second stage reg in his mouth and then he started sucking my cock I was floating there eyes closed in pure heaven when he stopped I opened my eyes to see 2 rubber Frogwomen his wife and mine !!! His wife knew him and I were kinky dive buddy's but never had seen it in action lol !!! His wife took her reg out and pushed him aside and started sucking my cock and stroking his then she switched and was stroking me and sucking on him I started rubbing my wife's pussy through her suit as she was fingering my ass !! Then I remember his wife sucking me as he was fucking me and my wife was fucking herself with a rubber dildo !!! After filling my suit with cum lol we all 4 surfaced and took out gear off but left out wetsuits and hoods and boots and gloves on and went to our house put on some gasmasks and fucked and cum in to the morning hours !!! 

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