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Nature Anyone?


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The ocean beckoned her.

She'd been drawn to it like a moth to a flame since she could remember. 

MMMM... how exciting and heightening the elements had become to her.  

The full moon reflected off the ocean like a hauntingly familiar mirror.

She perched on the wall at the marina and breathed deeply.

She closed her eyes, legs outstretched on the sea wall, head back she shook her long locks a little as she let go of the days stress and felt the embrace of the wind;  the  wind ... it knew her.

That wind seemed to caress and lick her essence.

Her legs spread a little of their own accord.

She felt a moan escape her lips as her long hair so deliciously whipped about.

She rolled her neck, arched her back and spread her legs just a bit more.

She felt herself letting go, slipping into the night.


it's become so incredibly, undeniably, overwhelmingly sexy and primal 

being in a storm with the wind and the rain on the beach the r,aw power and energy going through everything is an incredible, natural turn on i cannot put words to

so raw and all encompassing oh i love it

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