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Lady Jeniveves Guide to being a Submissive man. Part 2

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Why hello there, thank you for calling in. It is very nice to see you. Thank you for reading my introduction-I may live the lifestyle but stayed offline for a reason.

I sincerely hope you boys have been out having fun....tis the season to be jolly!


This is Domina Jeniveves Guide to being a Submissive Male  -  Part 2 and Part 2 Bonus Material (AKA The Permission you may/maynot need, to obtain true freedom) Be the best you that you can be. Who else can you be? You are special just for being the unique multi faceted, driven differently individual you were born. Always remember that.

As mentioned in my introduction, I write from personal experience and opinion alone. My way is not the right way......The right way is whatever makes you, the special unique individual happy. I have an inbox full of questions asking me what makes the perfect submissive. Being the best ever yourself is THE answer.


As  a Solstice Treat I will share a little treat....Treat your mistress as if she is the only nourishment you partake. Give it your best, become the best. Be the best. A sub that can give mind blowing oral while tied up is a rare find. Its a real treat to be the one allowed between her legs so make sue she knows, your enjoying yourself as much as she is, relax and be fluid, stay tuned into her desires incase you miss her cues and frustrate her. Being a woman I can speak with experience when I tell you edging a woman is cruel. A woman needs attention and care. To bring her to the brink and back for hours causes pain and lady parts that will not tingle for pain, numbness and the rejection that comes knowing your partner was not interested. If you are in a FLR and it is all about your mistress please think when she tells you shes unhappy and you are causing pain. We all know you want to make her feel her best, not as return for anything she does for you but because you are a couple, a partnership like any other and care about each other deeply.


Before I begin I am going to address some of my inbox in hope of helping others. I will always keep a secret ;)


I thought this did not need to be said but here goes. Mistresses, esp those of a full time sub, work very hard. They need time to themselves to relax and unwind or how can they be the best mistress? I know at first mistress is the world, but she cannot give you the world if she is unable to rest with interrogation, with requests of how much you appreciate and love her. Exactly the same as in my introduction-all human beings need alone time for their personal reasons. Do not get upset when your mistress has asked you to go visit friends or family-that is the sign of a good mistress interested in your emotional welfare encouraging you to live and love a well rounded life. Your mistress does not wish you out of her way, she just wishes to miss you while your gone and listen to you speak of enjoying yourself when you return. Your relationship is more solid than a day or 2 away from each other. Remember that always, mistress picked you for being you. She just needs headspace the same as yourself to be the best her which we all want, and the best mistress.

I was terrified to hear that one soul had agreed to meet a lady she thought she had a relationship with, only to be told the first date was a 2 hour dungeon session. When questioned on this session the lady would give no answer. Only trust her, Right STOP HERE

Isnt a first date a nice day out, a drink or a meal? I have never experienced a dungeon as my first date with an individual-but I did once spend a valentines afternoon playing Badminton....but had the Jeniveve magic working so well the next stop was the pub. Just because you identify a certain way does not mean the world is suddenly cotton wool ball safe, la la la no danger. A first date is a traditional lets meet again, lets see if we have anything in common, lets go on from there......but maybe I am old fashioned. If you are looking for a genuine mistress do not pick the first one available. Are you not worth true happiness, inner peace? I believe you are

Will you walk into my parlour, said the spider to the fly,

"tis the Prettiest little parlour that you ever did spy.......

Remember the rules:


1} Always be yourself.

2)Always be yourself.

3}Choose a Sex Life-Choose a REAL Sex life


Personal Hygiene and Self Grooming.

Do not skip this section. This is the most informative, intimate knowledge you will gain. 

I personally will de collar and dissolve all contract with a submissive that looses the primal art of washing oneself daily, through complacency and laziness which we will discuss later on. Trust me. Its why you came back for more...


This is vital. Shower or Bath each day and brush your teeth morning and night, Who wants to share a bed with a dirty unwashed body? I bet mistress bathed today.....

After you shower and wash clean every inch dry carefully and use Antipersperient. NOT just deodrant. Bacteria builds up constantly. If you can smell yourself please shower before mistress comes home, or you go out. It is polite.


Clean socks and underwear daily.

Once a week check your nails and cut then file down so you cause no damage to mistress during play time or even giving her a massage.


These steps are very important and I have left relationships in the past due to lack of personal hygiene. This is a deal breaker in my clean home and fresh bed. I am not talking about after a play session, a weekend or a holiday. I am speaking day to day. Its heartbreaking watching a well cared for sub stop washing or showering. Each to their own always. But mistress chose you on presentation alone at some level.  Does she not deserve a fresh clean body rubbing against her? A fresh mouth to be the only one able to kiss her in the whole world? a clean mouth, the only mouth again allowed to give her oral pleasure? Vagina breath is one thing, quite sexy and very naughty.....bad breath is sickening and can be avoided.


If a mistress is questioning your washing habits know that your genitals have crossed her mind, dirty nails, dirty nails, dirty hair no thanks not going there.

It is not about fancy grooming. It is about regular daily grooming.

Naked slaves, yes you make less washing but your body still needs a wash.


To me the smell after a beautiful session with your partner is unbeatable. Both drowning in those ambrosia like fluids, wrapped tight together as if the sweat that binds you is locking you together forever. Its the perfect time for aftercare and then a lovely sleep together as the couple you are.


But the next morning please wash!!!!


Your unique scent is gorgeous......but not so gorgeous 3 days later.


Thats all for now. Apologies am a bit down this week but will be back better than ever soon.


Merry Christmas everyone. Have a ball and have the fun you deserve.


lets make 2019 about how loyal but overlooked submissive men are. Make it the year you accept yourself.


See you all again soon for part 3 The importance of aftercare and natural internalisation. How to create a cosy secure bedroom for play.


Please keep reading!!!

Domina Jen

Always available if advice is needed.

A beautiful peice of prose great sensible advice from the heart, common sense from a beautiful lady. Wishing you the warmest wishes to you for Christmas and 2019 Mistress 😘

Merry xmas and tyvm for text! 💫🌹


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