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I’ve got issues. There are holes in me

that can’t be filled with a cock. Scars

that I’ve painted over until the cracks

no longer show. Until I could stand and say,

Look at me. I’m whole. I’m good. I’m fine.

I’m not fine. There are empty pockets filled

with nothing more than fluff and crumbs.

Weaknesses and failures that I’ve buried in

pits so deep, no one need ever find them.

I fooled everyone, except myself. And there’s

the rub. There’s the deep, dark truth that’s made

me stop. Think. Reflect. Own my own truth.

I want to be kintsugi. I want to celebrate

those fissures when I heal them, paint them

with gold and say, look. I am broken. But I

can be put back together. I can be fixed.

Here are my pieces. Here are the clumsy

Hands that caused the cracks. Here are my

jagged edges that I need to be soothed.

Here is me, as I truly am. Wanting to be

the hourglass vase, stood on the plinth.

Not the shadow, the pretender.  

Dr Cytrynbaum (sp?) was $150 per hour, but that was 40 years ago. I thought I was a dog.
You're on the pathway to become the best version of you, you can be.
You'll get there 💪
This is a lovely piece of poetry, it's hard to read but I love your honesty. I guess we all have cracks if we , if we're honest, I know I do. Thanks for sharing ❤

Life is a very high stakes game, when we truly live it, when life going well for us we burn hot and bright…. But when life takes a turn we tend to find the the cracks that we have in our lives.

The art is finding beauty in the the cracks that develop during those hard times and realising that the imperfect parts of us is what makes us who we are.


Is the art of moulding a pot out of clay it is layered with different glazes and then fired until it glows red hot and the glaze starts to liquify and they start to mix together, at that point it is taken out of the kiln and placed into a metal bin containing damp sawdust quickly starving it of oxygen and causing the glaze to crack and produce the most beautiful and unique pot full of colours and wonder.

Life is akin to Raku you mould your pot like you mould and shape your life, you glaze the pot with all the colour you desire you give it the best you have to offer much like yourself and the person you choose to live it with, you put the pot in the kiln until it glows and the glaze starts to run and mingle together in much the same way burn bright during the time you have with your partner and your lives mingle as one, then you take it out of the kiln and dowse it with wet sawdust starving it if oxygen in much the same way you feel starved of love and feeling unable to breathe when a relationship finishes, and when you take it out of the sawdust after time and it has cooled down you finally get to admire its beauty, the same beauty that has always been in you all the time you have been healing the art of life is to be able to see the beauty inside yourself and realise the cracks are part of what makes us.
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Wow this has helped me . It's about how I can turn negatives in to positives . I am the sort of person that would rather look at the negatives 🤣😂 xx
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